PS Now August additions include Hitman 2, Greedfall, and Dead Cells

PlayStation Now’s August update has landed and subscribers will be able to get Hitman 2, Greedfall, and Dead Cells. Both Hitman 2 and Dead Cells will be available on PS Now until February 21st, while Greedfall does not have a date of removal. You can check out what we thought of each of the games in our reviews. Here are some samples.

In our Hitman 2 review, Stefan wrote:


“Building on the foundations of the 2016 game, Hitman 2 is full of the best Hitman stealth action yet. Yes, it’s evolutionary in some ways, and you have to accept the series’ idiosyncratic take on the genre, but there’s space for it to keep growing with the return of Escalation missions and continuing Elusive Contracts. Whether you’re a blackmailing pink flamingo, throwing briefcases at people, or getting robots to do your dirty work, the satisfaction of an expertly planned and executed hit is like nothing else.”

In our Greedfall review, Gareth wrote:

Greedfall has an ambitious story, but it’s not backed up by the clearly repeated environments, simple combat and dull abilities that take ages to unlock. However, seasoned RPG players might well be able able to look past those flaws in favour of the interesting, well written stories about political manoeuvres and oppression that make up the bulk of the quests in this pretty dark, deep world.
In our Dead Cells review, Jason wrote:

With incredibly satisfying gameplay, a constant stream of unlocks, and a world that challenge every cell of your being, Dead Cells is a must own for anyone who likes even one aspect of what has been mentioned here. Every success will fill you with endorphins, every failure will inspire you to get better. When you finally take out the final boss you will be elated. It is here that Dead Cells lets you know that it is just the beginning, there are a few more go around yet, and each one gets harder and harder. This is the kind of game that can last you forever, you just have to let it beat you in the head a few times.

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  1. There are also 5 or possibly 6 others added as well.

    Some tennis game, some Power Rangers nonsense, yet another farming game, WRC8 and Warhammer 40000 Inquisitor – Martyr, which is a silly name.

    And allegedly The Sinking City, except that’s vanished from the store anyway. So I’m not sure how people are claiming it’s on PS Now.

    Plus some people are saying they’ve got problems with Hitman 2. They can’t download anything other than the base game, which only has the 1 location. The rest are all separate downloads, but it won’t let them have them.

    A decent enough update this month, but Sony still managed to screw up some things.

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