Bugsnax gameplay trailer gives a tour of Snaktooth Island

Young Horses has released the first look gameplay trailer for Bugsnax and it gives a quick tour of the home of the creatures, which is Snaktooth Island. On top of that it the trailer shows some gameplay which includes being told off by the newspaper editor who is threatening your job, finding Bugsnax, and getting to know the team that has travelled to Snaktooth Island. They are known as Grumpuses. There will be quite a lot of things to do in the game and you can check out some of them in the trailer.


We recently spoke to Young Horses about Bugsnax and learned some more details about the game. Here’s Young Horses’ John Murphy about eating those Bugsnax and why the strawberry was eaten:

So the characters in the game are these sort of like fuzzy, Muppet-like creatures called Grumpus’, and when you feed a Grumpus a Bugsnak, part of their body turns into the food that Bugsnak was made of. In the trailer, someone eats a Strabby, which is the name of the strawberry Bugsnak, and her arm turns into the strawberries.

It’s mostly narrative and aesthetic like it’s just like fun and silly to transform them. It’s kind of like a dress up mechanic, there’s just like billions of combinations of these transformations that you can get, and a lot of them are just very funny. That ties into the narrative in ways that I don’t want to get into yet, but there’s some interesting surprises related to that.

I don’t know if the strawberry had to die; I guess the answer is because it’s irresistibly delicious. I guess it’s the same reason that animals die in real life, that people can’t help but eat them.

Bugsnax will be released later this year for PS4, PS5, and PC via the Epic Games Store. You can stream the catchy theme tune now too.

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