For Honor update 2.20 live with new Warmonger hero

For Honor has been patched with its biggest update of the year, introducing a new playable hero and cosmetic content, as well as a major revision of its core combat design.

The Year 4 Season 2 title update is currently rolling out across all available platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You will need to download and install that latest For Honor patch in order to access the game’s online multiplayer and other features.

Headlining this mid-season update is an overhaul to For Honor’s combat system that has been teased and tested throughout the year. At a glance it may appear as though very little has changed though behind the curtain there have been a number of key alterations that combine to make For Honor a more offence focused fighting game where previously it encouraged a defence-heavy, reactionary playstyle.

This new title update also introduces the latest For Honor fighter, The Warmonger. This is the first new hero to be added to the For Honor roster in 2020 with another due to be released later this year. The Warmonger is an adaptable, vanguard class fighter that For Honor fans may recognise as the campaign’s antagonist, Apollyon. She wields a flamberge sword, also making use of her claw-like gauntlet and a deadly new “corruption” game mechanic. This inflicts damage over time to foes, but only when they are within proximity of their allies, forcing them to separate.

This new For Honor title update also kickstarts the “Rise of the Warmongers” event which comes with its own free battle pass track loaded with 35 rewards for players to unlock. As with similar battle pass style progression systems, all you need to do to unlock rewards is play matches and earn experience.

For Honor update 2.20 patch notes

Patch Size:

  • PS4: 1.12Gb
  • Xbox One: 1.37Gb
  • PC: 1.1 Gb


The Warmongers share ties with the Blackstone Legion, but have greater ambitions. Wielding the elegant flamberge, they are determined to punish those who refuse to join their cause. Not only can they isolate a target with a dark power named Corruption, they also have enhanced Light Attacks mixed up with strong Claw Attacks to put pressure on their opponent.


Special Capabilities:


Known Issue: Campaign completion rewards are missing for the Warmonger


The Core Combat Update is a global series of improvements that affects all fighters, consisting of the following improvements:

  • New system makes fight moves look consistently faster over the network:
    • Removed the visual variability of opponent’s fight moves speeds caused by timing of the inputs
    • As a result, for all fight moves, the first 100ms of animation and user interface are consistently skipped over the network (whether delayed or buffered)
    • As a result, feints are also more believable
  • Damage adjustments
    • Generally, Light Attack damage is reduced
    • Generally, counter-attack tools damage is reduced
    • Generally, Heavy Finishers damage stays high to incentivise following through with your Chains
  • Recoveries normalized
    • Light Attacks generally are now frame disadvantaged (to weaken “Light Spam”)
    • Heavy Finishers generally are now frame advantaged (to incentivise following through with your Heavy Chain Finisher)
  • Stamina penalties removed
    • Now there is no extra stamina cost on Miss, Block and Parry
  • Light Stamina Costs are now generally 12 (from 6)
  • Light Light Chains can now be Dodged out of (due to branching timing changes)
  • Dodge Attacks that were 500ms are now increased to 533ms
    • This affects Peacekeeper, Shaman, Valkyrie, Tiandi, Conqueror, Gladiator, Raider, Nuxia
  • Opening Light attacks that were faster than 500ms are now 500ms
    • This affect Peacekeeper’s Light and Zone, Lawbringer, Orochi, Shaolin
  • Zone Attacks are now more comfortable to perform

Developer Comments: There are a lot of additional damage, stamina, and minor timing changes made to make the above happen. Please see the For Honor Competitive Information Hub created and maintained by top players on the r/CompetitiveForHonor subreddit.



  • Stab recovery is slightly longer (so that attempting a second Stab immediately after a Stab will lose cleanly to an opponent’s Light Attack)


  • Increased Chained Heavy to 700ms (from 600ms)


  • Guard Break has been standardized with other heroes to allow 800ms attacks to land
  • Increased Neutral top heavy to 800ms (from 600ms)
  • Increased Neutral side heavies to 900ms (from 700ms)


  • Superior Block Dodge Lights no longer guarantee Palm on hit


  • Shoves no longer have Uninterruptible Stance (on either Dodge or Chain versions)


  • Increased 2nd Light in Chains to 500ms (from 400ms)
  • Increased Top Light finisher to 500ms (from 400ms)
  • Increased Top Heavy finisher to 900ms (from 800ms) and is now Unblockable


Stun Trap

  • Increased damage to 20 (from 15)
  • Now causes a Medium Reaction (from Light)
  • No longer stuns, blinds or causes stamina damage

Bear Trap

  • No longer stuns, blinds or causes stamina damage

Nail Bomb

  • No longer stuns, blinds or causes stamina damage


  • No longer stuns or blinds
  • No longer reduce the stamina regen cooldown
  • Increased cooldown to 90s (from 60s)

Hammar’s Favor

  • Decreased duration to 5s (from 10s)

Protected Revive

  • Removed Armor while reviving
  • Reduced spawning to 75 Health (from 100)
  • Decreased Shield duration to 15 seconds (from infinite)

Sinister Shield

  • Increased minimum Health to use to 26 (from 21)
  • Increased costs to use to 25 Health (from 20)
  • Decreased Shield to 30 (from 45)

Spirit Shroud

  • Decreased damage resistance to 15% (from 20%)

Hard to Kill

  • Condition is now “<50 Health” (from a large variety of Health thresholds)
  • Now gives 30% damage reduction (from 4 different values depending on Health thresholds)

Jotunn Salve

  • Decreased heals to 4 Health (from 10)

Second Wind

  • Decreased heals to 30 Health (from 50)

Heal on Block

  • Decreased heals to 4 Health (from 5)

Body Count

  • Decreased heals to 1 Health when killing a Soldier (from 2)
  • Decreased Stamina regeneration to 1 when killing a Soldier (from 2)

Stalwart Banner

  • Decreased heals to 3 Health per tick, for a total of 84 HP (from 5 per tick for a total of 135)

Tough as Nails

  • Decreased Max Health to 10% (from 15%)


  • Decreased heals to 8 Health (from 12)

Healing Ward

  • Decreased heals to 3 Health per second (from 5)



  • Decrease heals to 10 Health per execution (from 15)

Shields Up

  • Increased Shield to 25 (from 15)
  • Decrease duration to 15 seconds on Revive (from infinite on Spawn and Revive)

Vengeful Barrier

  • Increased Shield to 25 (from 15)
  • Decrease duration to 10 seconds when exiting Revenge (from infinite)

Known Issues:

  • Peacekeeper’s 2nd Light isn’t dodgeable when getting hit by the initial Light attack
  • Orochi’s Top Heavy Finisher Feint to Guard Break does not work if you are trying to roll away
  • Highlander’s Offensive form enhanced Light attacks have 25 stamina cost instead of 12
  • Highlander’s Light Light combo isn’t dodgeable on Block and on Hit when in Revenge or the opponent is Out Of Stamina

Developer Comments: We expect to address the Core Combat Update issues shortly after the release of 2.20.0



  • [Adjustment] While launching the game, a different text will be displayed for each step of the connection process
  • [Adjustment] Increase the time allocated for the game connection process to help some rare cases when downloading game data took too long, reducing the occurrences of error 2-00002911
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed some situations where players were not able to receive rewards or buy scavenger crates for some heroes showing as unlocked


  • [Adjustment] Increased Ram Health to 9750 (from 9000)

Developer Comments: Following the release of the Breach Improvements in Season 1 of Year 4, we saw that the Win/Loss ratios were now more even across the different maps. However, we see that the Defending teams still hold a significant advantage over the Attacking teams overall. Raising the Ram’s Health bar by an additional cauldron strike will help the Attackers clear through the final Gate or allow them to have a little more breathing room in number of respawns in the Commanders Phase.


  • [Adjustment] Added player statistics on the Matchmaking Screen


  • [Adjustment] Adjusted the player expression of the Male and Female Gladiator to make outfits look better




  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Stab to be uninterruptible


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Side Heavy Finishers to grant 100ms of Uninterruptible Stance immediately after the Hit


Citadel Gate

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue in Citadel Gate where Players could pass through the collision near the Giant Statue


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Limited Time items and the items on Sale to not properly appear at the top in the Store


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the sound effect to continue playing if the executioner disconnects or leave the match while performing the execution


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the “Master of Peace” visual effect to sometimes stretch
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Warlord’s “Nailed Down” execution to have an offset animation
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Samurai’s “Ware Shinaba” execution to have clipping Issues
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Shaman’s “Ecstatic” signature to have an offset animation
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Lawbringer’s “Hands-On approach” execution to have an offset animation
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Peacekeeper’s “Arrow in the Head” execution Crossbow to be offset
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Valkyrie’s “Warrior meets Horn” execution to have an offset animation
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Gladiator’s “Fortuna Adiuvat” helm to have a hole in the neck when performing “Circus Skills”
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Female Black Prior’s “Demonic Primordial” chest paint pattern to not apply the paint patter correctly
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Jiang Jun’s “Fuchai” blade to clip with certain guards
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Hitokiri’s “Yukito’s Tsukuyomi” and “Kagekiyo” pommels to use the same model
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Knight’s “Renfaire” and ” Spiked Banner” paint patterns to be the same
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Warden’s “Gabrielle’s Zenith” embossing size to not occupy the whole arm armor


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Stun’s “White Flash” visual effect to have different intensity when changing Anti Aliasing and Render Scaling Graphic options

Source: Ubisoft

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