Ghost of Tsushima update 1.06 makes trophy hunting easier

Sucker Punch Productions have unsheathed their newest title update for PlayStation exclusive samurai sim, Ghost of Tsushima.

Patch 1.06 is now available to download and install on your PS4 system. Looking at the notes given on the home menu, it says that this latest update makes “general bug fixes and improvements” though there’s a little more going on beneath the hood.


You can read the full patch notes below but here’s a particular highlight we found interesting. In Ghost of Tsushima the first armour set you unlock is the Traveler’s Attire. While it doesn’t offer any stealth, health, or melee bonuses, it comes tagged with a unique ability which has made it the go-to armour for those wanting to uncover Tsushima’s map and unlock its many trophies. That’s because it triggers a faint rumble via your gamepad when close to collectibles such as Sashimono banners, Records, and Mongol Artefacts.

After 1.06 you will recent a visual prompt instead of having the controller vibrate, making these collectibles easier to locate. As someone who has had difficulty finding them with the rumble feature, this should definitely help on my way to earning that sweet, sweet platinum trophy. For more on Ghost of Tsushima, see our review.

Ghost of Tsushima update 1.06 patch notes

Traveler’s Attire

  • – The Traveler’s Attire has been enhanced to add new visual and audio cues hinting at nearby collectibles. These cues can replace or augment controller vibration in order to offer a better, more accessible experience


  • – Expanded Large Text accessibility option to also include additional prompts and objective text

Bug Fixes

  • – Addressed a bug where users could encounter a black screen preventing progress in certain tales
  • – Addressed a bug where users could become stuck in some Yarikawa tales
  • – Additional bug and crash fixes

Source: Sucker Punch

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