Hitman 3 will have free PSVR support for the whole trilogy

IO Interactive revealed that Hitman 3 will feature a new PlayStation VR mode, included as part of the game. It will let you play through, not just the new levels in Hitman 3, but all of the old levels from the entire World of Assassination trilogy, which have been adapted for PSVR play and can be imported into the game.


Playing in VR shifts the game from a third person view to first person, really immersing you in the world. You’ll have to try and blend in from Agent 47’s viewpoint, dramatically altering how you can perceive the world and plan out your actions.

However, it will also add some big advantages to how you can interact with the game. You could pick up a frying pan and then use it to hit guards in a particular direction, then use the same frying pan to deflect bullets while trying to make an escape. Oh, and you’ll actually have to quite physically garrotte someone, so that’s sure to be lovely…

The final game in the World of Assassination trilogy that IOI kicked off in 2016, Hitman 3 game will be out for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One and PC in January 2021. Obviously you’ll only have PSVR support on PlayStation, and it seems to be a PSVR exclusive mode at this time.

Source: IOI

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  1. So 15 levels from the first 2 games, plus however many the 3rd has (6 + a couple of DLC levels again?). All in VR.

    I thought it was quite nice of them to do the same thing they did with the 2nd game and let you play all the previous stuff again for free. But chucking in VR support as well? And for all 3 games??

    Not sure it’s going to look great on the PS4 in VR. But on the PS5? Sony are going to have to make more headsets if that sort of thing becomes common.

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