Temtem monster-battling MMO coming to PlayStation 5 in 2021

Crema’s Pokémon-like MMO monster battler will be coming to PlayStation 5 in 2021, it was revealed during today’s State of Play stream.


Currently in Early Access on PC, the game has been building since its early release at the start of this year. There’s a long roadmap of content that has been coming to the game, with 25 new Temtem this summer and 25 more planned for this autumn. In this same time frame Tamers will also unlock two new islands to explore while Crema strengthens the overall game with new features such as in-game chat, clubs, a spectator mode, and in-game housing.

There’s a lot for the team to do between now and a full 1.0 release, with Crema targeting Q3 2021. It’s likely at this point that the game will be coming to PlayStation 5, but there’s always the possibility of some beta testing and perhaps even an early access release of some sort.

Miguel previewed Temtem for us in January, discussing its potential for greatness:

Temtem has some promising ideas at its core, with a uniquely challenging combat system and a beautiful world to explore. Unfortunately, so many other elements of the game fall flat for this initial release. A harsh economy, a lack of multiplayer content, underwhelming character and monster designs and more plague the title, while minor issues like server caps and constant maintenance add another layer of frustration to the experience. With a projected final release date of Q3 2021, there’s plenty of time for Crema to evolve and grow their game, and I only hope Temtem manages to become the ambitious, multiplayer monster-catching adventure it so desperately wants to be.

Some growing pains then, but that’s be expected with an ambitious style of game such as this. We look forward to seeing more of the game as it gets closer to its full feature set and release next year.

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