Fall Guys Season One rewards – when does it end?

Fall Guys has gracefully waddled its way into our shortlist of favourite multiplayer games on PC and PlayStation 4. Picking up a plucky 8/10 in our review, we love the game’s cheeky simplicity even if we have been butting up against server issues during launch week.

Even when you don’t win in Fall Guys the game still rewards players with Fame, feeding into a progress bar tagged with various unlockable rewards. Think of it as the Fall Guys battle pass. From faceplates and emotes to costumes and Kudos, aiming for these prizes is what will keep many coming back.

Each season your progress bar will be reset and the track restocked with new rewards. If you miss some of the costumes and other bits from season one they will be lost though it’s likely they will return via the in-game shop.

Fall Guys Season One rewards full list

Below you’ll find a complete list of unlockable items, leading all the way up to rank 40.

Rank Unlock Category
2 500 Kudos Currency
3 Bubblegum Colour
4 Cells Pattern
5 1 Crowns Currency
6 Pigeon Costume (Lower)
7 Raspberry Colour
8 Squiggly Camo Pattern
9 Pigeon Costume (Upper)
10 1000 Kudos Currency
11 Coo-ey! Emote
12 Topology Pattern
13 Rookie Costume (Lower)
14 1500 Kudos Currency
15 Citrus Blast Colour
16 Rookie Costume
17 Yeller Faceplate
18 2500 Kudos Currency
19 Hot Dog Costume
20 1 Crowns Currency
21 Steel Color
22 Hot Dog Costume (Lower)
23 3500 Kudos Currency
24 Rainbow Water Colour
25 Chicken Costume (Lower)
26 Paint Dipped Pattern
27 Night Sky Colour
28 Chicken Costume (Upper)
29 4500 Kudos Currency
30 Pirate Jig Emote
31 Hunter Pattern
32 1 Crowns Currency
33 Hunter Costume (Lower)
34 Ocean Dreams Colour
35 Baby Blue Faceplate
36 Hunter Costume (Upper)
37 Zebra Stripes Pattern
38 6000 Kudos Currency
39 Pirate Pattern
40 Jack in a Box Celebration

In summary, here’s a quick rundown of everything you can rinse from the season one pass:

  • 19,500 Kudos
  • 3 Crowns
  • 2 Emotes
  • 1 Celebration
  • 5 Lower costume parts
  • 5 Upper costume parts
  • 2 Faceplates
  • 7 Colours

When does Fall Guys Season One end?

Fall Guys season one will end on October 6th. Your progress will be reset for season two though Mediatonic have yet to confirm how long fans will have to wait for this second season to kick off.

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