Fall Guys is back online, Mediatonic promise rewards for server downtime [Updated 3:30PM]

Updated 3:30PM 08/08/20: Fall Guys servers are officially back up and running, and “things are looking good.” Here’s hoping the game manages to survive the big weekend rush that’s expected heading into the evening and when the US is awake.


Update 1:50PM 08/08/20: There’s no official Tweet saying the servers are back back we can see people playing online so give it a try!

Update 12PM 08/08/20: Well that did not last long, servers are back offline again.

Update 9AM 08/08/20: The Fall Guys Server Owl has not tweeted any any further updates, but I managed to get in to a game on PS4 in seconds, so things seem to be back up and running, huzzah!

Mediatonic shifted the game back into an official maintenance mode overnight, citing the ever-increasing number of players throwing up more problems. Obviously it’s not been great for people wanting to play, and the team have promised to create some extra rewards as a sign of their appreciation for everyone’s patience and support.

Update 11PM: This update is to let you know there is no update, it’s still down, sorry.

Update 8PM: Finally an official update! The servers are effectively still down, with Mediatonic hoping to stabilise things in preparation for the weekend.

Update 6PM: We’re back online and playing a game! After a lot of downtime and connectivity issues, Fall Guys seems to be working. Sometimes. You will need patience while matchmaking in order to get a game, that’s for sure. There are also still no updates from the Mediatonic team about how things are performing as we head into the evening, but things are “working” right now.

Update 3:50PM: We’re seeing connection errors during matchmaking with the message, “Connection to the Server timed out. Please check the settings and try again.” There are no settings to check on PS4, though!

No updates have been posted about the matter on either of the Fall Guys Twitter accounts since 1:39PM, but we’re sure the Mediatonic team are working hard to resolve the issues.

Update 2PM: Uh oh, the servers are still struggling, because people rushed to play too quickly…

Update 1PM: Fall Guys’ server maintenance has finally ended after over seven hours! It sounds like it’s been a big job for Mediatonic as they’ve added capacity and enhanced the servers ahead of the weekend, while also fixing a few exploits with regard to Steam player names and hacking crowns and kudos from the store. However, note that the servers are “slowly” coming back online, so be patient while trying to matchmake for the next hour or so.

The original post follows.

Mediatonic have taken the Fall Guys servers offline this morning to perform maintenance and add capacity ahead of the game’s first weekend after launch.

Trying to play the game this morning will see the following message pop up.

The Matchmaker is currently down for maintenance whilst we add more capacity, please check back soon for updates.

There’s no word on when they expect to have the servers back online – Update 12:30PM: maintenance has been ongoing for over 7 hours at this point – but in the meantime, they’ve been having more social media fun times with a few polls.

While the main Fall Guys twitter account has been keeping people updated, there’s also the Fall Guys Server Owl account, which has no less silly nonsense on it, despite supposedly being more technical and informative.

So, what do you think to see-saw?

As you can see, very little has changed in their social media approach since yesterday’s The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 love in, where they teased or joked about some kind of future collaboration.

On Wednesday, Mediatonic revealed that the first 24 hours had seen over 1.5 million players ran headlong into walls of doors, spinny hammer and swinging balls, and it’s this sheer demand that overwhelmed the company’s servers. That was obviously helped by the game being dropped in the laps of PlayStation Plus subscribers as one of August’s free games, but it was always going to be a streaming darling, and shot to the top of Twitch as well.

It’s no surprise that the game has been struggling, and with all of that attention, this weekend is sure to be peak Fall Guys time, and therefore quite critical for the game’s servers to hold up.

We posted our Fall Guys review today, saying:

Full of cute and cuddly jellybean dude bumbling into each other in a race for the crown, Fall Guys is just about the most wholesome battle royale imaginable, and a whole lot of fun.

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  1. Played a good few games last night with some friends. It’s crazy addictive. Really fun with friends as even when you get knocked out, cheering them on in the next round is great fun.

    Still getting used to jumping, which needs some timing. I suck at Grab the Tail, and the Whirlygig feels like a Saw trap gauntlet made by Mr Blobby.

  2. 😣😢😭

  3. How long has it been down? 10hrs? I wanted to get that legendary costume (granted its there for 2 days) but then there is that daily cosmetics :(

  4. They’re starting to look a bit incompetent now.

    It’s understandable if there were problems on Tuesday due to an unexpected number of players. But 4 days later, when they know how many people are trying to play, it’s almost as if they’re just saying “Turn on another server!” and then looking surprised when that isn’t enough.

    Turning on a few more servers, letting everyone back in and watching it all fall over again is useless. The way things are going, they’ll have enough capacity some time around the point where everyone gives up and moves on to the next thing. Leaving them with a big bill for servers they don’t need anymore.

    Maybe giving it away to 40m+ people the same day it launched on Steam wasn’t the best plan?

    • Yeah it’s starting to look a bit amateurish now. I could understand the first couple of days, but this is now showing they were no where near being prepared for PS+, which is baffling.
      I just tried a few games and the maximum I got to was 2 rounds before being kicked… Ughhh!!

      • I managed a couple of games. Actually won as well. Then lost the next one due to luck (team games where you’re outnumbered and have a team full of idiots).

        Then it failed to find people for the next match.

        It’s also losing people before the first round starts. I can understand how 60 players drops a bit before the first round (some people might be slow to quit after a game), but it’s losing up to 20 players.

        So yeah, if they say “things are looking good”, expect it to fall over again 5 minutes later.

  5. A disastrous launch for a online game?! Well I never!

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