Ghost of Tsushima collectibles guide – using the Traveler’s Attire

Ghost of Tsushima isn’t exactly a short video game. Like many of Sony’s recent heavy hitters, this is another PS4 exclusive that will take some 30+ hours to beat, perhaps double that if you really want to get stuck in an explore Tsushima. There’s also the platinum trophy to consider.

Developer Sucker Punch Productions (who also brought us the Sly Raccoon and inFamous series) have been very proactive in responding to the Ghost of Tsushima player community. We’ve already see a string of post-launch patches bringing new features to the game.

In Ghost of Tsushima update 1.06, the team added a particularly useful tool for those who are currently hunting down the game’s gallery of collectibles. We’ve put together a quick guide explaining the changes and how they could help in tracking down those trophies quicker.

Thankfully, the game’s trophy list doesn’t task you with collecting every item in the game. You’ll only need to uncover 5 Singing Crickets, 20 Mongol Artifacts, and 20 Records – the Sashimono banners don’t contribute to a particular trophy though you can get new cosmetic items the more you collect.

Even if you aren’t a trophy hunter there’s value in seeking out these items as they help fill in some of the game’s backstory and historic setting. Here’s the easiest way of tracking them down without reaching for a guide.

You won’t need to have played much Ghost of Tsushima in order to unlock the Traveler’s Attire, your first armour set. Like all armours, this one comes tagged with some perks – specifically, the ability to clear more fog of war shrouding the world map, as well as getting a prompt when collectibles are close by.

Before update 1.06, this would work by triggering the vibration function of your DualShock 4 controller, the time between vibrations shortening as you draw closer. Now, Sucker Punch have made it even clearer with a visual aid (which can also help those gamers with certain accessibility needs). A firefly will now hover slowly towards a collectible within your proximity, its green light pulsing quicker as you approach.

The images above show Jin stumbling upon the firefly, then following it into a hut where he finds a Records scroll on the floor. The visual prompt won’t highlight exactly where a collectible is hidden though it definitely helps.

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