Suicide Squad confirmed by Rocksteady Studios

Rocksteady Studios has confirmed that it is working on a Suicide Squad game, and that it will be releasing more information on August 22nd at DC Fandome. The news came via a tweet on the official Rocksteady Studios Twitter with a poster showing the Suicide Squad logo acting as a target placed squarely on Superman’s head. It seems the Suicide Squad will be battling the Man of Steel, and it could also mean the rest of the Justice League is involved in some way.


Last month, domains were registered for Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights by Warner Bros. One of the websites registered was called Suicide Squad Kills The Justice League. If we are to take that and the poster above as signs then it does appear that the two groups will be pitted against each other for some reason. Considering the Suicide Squad is a force used by Amanda Waller and the government it could be that the Justice League has gone rogue, or the Suicide Squad itself is now out of control.

Rocksteady’s next title has long been in the making. The studio has been quiet since releasing Batman: Arkham Knight and its DLC in 2015. There had been rumours the studio was working on both a Suicide Squad game and a Justice League game, and those rumours have proven almost correct. Instead of two games, we will be getting one big game that features the Suicide Squad and the Justice League. It is not yet clear which of the core characters will feature in the game aside from Superman, or if it is set in the same universe as the Arkham series. If it is we do not know whether the events of the Arkham games took place before Suicide Squad, and if that is the case then maybe Batman will not feature.

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