Fall Guys sold over 2 million copies in its first week

Fall Guys has been an absolute sensation for the team at developer Mediatonic and publisher Devolver Digital, with the companies revealing that they’ve sold over 2 million copies on Steam in the game’s first week. That’s before you take into account however many people have been playing via PlayStation 4, where it’s free on PlayStation Plus in August.


Thankfully, the game has overcome the serious server troubles that they encountered as the game launched. Last Wednesday, Mediatonic revealed that the first 24 hours had seen over 1.5 million players ran headlong into walls of doors, spinny hammer and swinging balls, and it’s this sheer demand that overwhelmed the company’s servers. That was obviously helped by the game being dropped in the laps of PlayStation Plus subscribers, but it was always going to be a streaming darling, and shot to the top of Twitch as well.

This led to an entire day being effectively wiped out on Friday, as they attempted to shore up the servers and add capacity, only to have the servers overwhelmed every time they tried to turn them back on. Thankfully, they were able to put all the fixes in place, add capacity, and by Saturday morning, the game seemed to be running smoothly through the rest of the weekend.

Considering the downtime, Mediatonic promised that, once the servers were improved, they would start working on some free DLC to show their appreciation for players’ patience. We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some other DLC on the way, give how gleefully their social media has been teasing a The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 collaboration.


We posted our Fall Guys review last week, saying:

Full of cute and cuddly jelly beans bumbling into each other in a race for the crown, Fall Guys is just about the most wholesome battle royale imaginable, and a whole lot of fun.

Fall Guys is out now for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

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  1. How many of those 2 million got refunded because the game didn’t work for most of the week? Haven’t given it a go today, but it still wasn’t working properly yesterday. Not as bad as it was, but still getting connection errors. I guess we’ve got to live with that if they’ve decided it’s working well enough now. But having the servers fail on about 1 in 5 games is pretty poor.

    • 2 million is still really impressive, even if a portion refund it.
      While I’ve noticed fewer connection issues, I’ve noticed more trolls like people deliberately knocking you off or sabotaging the team games with balls which adds to the frustration. Yes it’s a ‘battle royal’, but it feels like some people don’t even try to complete the level, they just want to ruin it for others.

      • Connection issues isn’t that bad now but just once in like every hour or so but that happens sometimes lol. And Gazza those who are trying to be a bully are doing it for the laughs and possible live on twitch streams…. I would assume.
        2 million is indeed impressive. Hoping they can patch to get rid off cheaters/hackers for the increase speed/not getting knocked by obstacle and that insane reach for the tail in the final Episode of the match. Bloody annoying!

  2. That tail catching final round is the worst, I can barely grab a tail in the regular rounds! Loving the game though and I won’t my first expose least night, wee :D

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