Guerrilla are investigating Horizon Zero Dawn for PC’s problems, but does this include performance?

Horizon Zero Dawn launched for PC at the end of last week, the first real attempt from within Sony to bring one of their first party games to home computer. Unfortunately, it did not go smoothly, and suffered from unexpectedly low performance for the high powered hardware that it was possible to run the game on. It’s something that we highlighted in our Horizon Zero Dawn PC review, alongside a number of other outlets.

Writing over the weekend, Guerrilla Games have said that they are “monitoring all of our channels and are aware that some players have been experiencing crashes and other technical issues. Please know that we are investigating your reports as our highest priority.”

Unfortunately, this does not seem to really address the game’s performance, which is substantially behind that of the Death Stranding PC port which shares a game engine with Horizon Zero Dawn. In our experience, Horizon Zero Dawn for PC offers performance dramatically lower, unable to reach 1080p60 in Horizon on the “original” PS4-matching settings, while able to push past 90FPS at higher settings in Death Stranding.

Admittedly he waters were muddied within the review period, with a day one patch arriving at the last moment alongside driver updates from AMD to add support for the game. However, our own review was based on the game with these updates installed and still came up wanting.

The wording and tone of Guerrilla Games’ note on Steam does not seem to suggest that they are tackling this particular, quite fundamental issue, but are instead focusing on crashes and bugs within the game. Here’s hoping that their efforts can extend to continuing to optimise the game for PC, because it’s a delightful and inventive experience that should be enjoyed by PC owners, not leave them embittered at a mediocre port.

Source: Steam

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