Minecraft Dungeons’ Creeping Winter DLC is coming this September

Mojang has announced that Minecraft Dungeons’ Creeping Winter DLC will be releasing on September 8th, and that there will also be a free update on the same day. In the Creeping Winter DLC a storm is coming that will bring a dangerous frost unless players complete some new missions and fights some new enemies in environments that will be slippery with mobs all over the place. In return, players will get new weapons, armour, and artifacts.

The free update will add new merchants and Daily Trials. The merchants are the Blacksmith and the Gift Wrapper with the Blacksmith being there to upgrade items, while the Gift Wrapper means players can trade items with each other in multiplayer. Each of the Merchants can be upgraded which will give players access to other items. Daily Trials will change core game mechanics which will mean difficult and experimental challenges together.


Mojang has also confirmed that Minecraft Dungeons will be getting a physical release for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, with the release date set for September 8th, except in Japan where there will be a delay. The full name is Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition and it will include the base game as well the Jungle Awakens DLC and the Creeping Winter DLC.

In our review for Minecraft Dungeons, Dom wrote:

Minecraft Dungeons could easily have been “My First Dungeon Crawler”, but it’s so much more than that. It does a great job of taking the genre’s hooks – the waves of enemies, the pervasive drive for better loot – and makes them palatable and approachable for a wide-ranging audience. It’s perfect family gaming, but if you crank the difficulty up prepare for an epic beatdown, and the epic rewards to go with them.
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Source: Mojang
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