Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 pre-order demo details confirmed

Activision has confirmed the details for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2’s pre-order demo, which was confirmed when the game was revealed. We already know that the demo will transport players back to the very beginning of the series with the Warehouse setting being the demo. The demo will also be taking inspiration from the original release’s demo with players having a time limited two minute session in the Warehouse to put together as high a score as possible. There are no limits to have many sessions you can play.

There are changes though and the big one is some new tricks that were not in the original release. Activision confirmed the notable tricks that will be in the demo, and you can see the list along with the descriptions below.

  • Manual – While a skater has their board on solid ground, rapidly flicking the commands for up, then down (forward and back) will make them lean on the board’s back truck so that only two wheels are touching the ground. This stance must be balanced by using the same commands, or else the board’s front wheels will hit the ground and end the Manual, or the skater will fall back and bail.
  • Nose Manual – Similar to a Manual, except it is done by rapidly flicking the commands for down, then up, for the two front wheels of the board to be only touching the ground.
  • Flatland Tricks – While performing a Manual or Nose Manual, pressing buttons mapped to grind, flip, and grab commands will let the skater perform tricks such as a Casper, Pogo.
  • Revert – “The Revert became one of the great staples of the franchise, we knew from day 1 that we wanted to include them.” says Leo Zuniga Lead Designer at Vicarious Visions, and you can be sure that the Revert is included in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 and this demo. As a skater is landing a trick on a vert surface, e.g. a half-pipe or bowl, pressing either (or both) buttons mapped to switching stances will allow the player to pivot the board 180 degrees, adding to their current combo and potentially extending it with a Manual or Nose Manual.
  • Spine Transfer – If there is another vert surface opposite a skater’s current vert surface, e.g. two bowls or half-pipes next to each other, pressing the same Revert command while in mid-air will allow them to seamlessly “transfer” from surface to surface, which directly adds to their current combo and potentially could be key to finding extra points via Gaps.
  • Acid Drop – If a skater Ollies, No Complies, Boneless, Nollies, or Fakie Ollies over a vert surface and presses the command used to Revert, they will land in the transition, allowing them to gain serious momentum and could let them start or continue a combo with a Revert into a Manual or Nose Manual.
  • Wall Ride – Veteran skaters already know this but it’s worth repeating: If a skater jumps alongside a vertical surface – e.g. a wall – and presses the button normally used to Grind, they will have their board skid along the wall while they ride it, allowing them to gain points and start or continue a combo.
  • Wall Plant – If a skater jumps directly into a vertical surface and presses the command used to perform a Boneless move, they will come off their skateboard and use their feet to leap off the surface with serious momentum in the other direction as they return onto the board, rather than slam themselves into the surface face first.
  • Trick Transitions – A skater can transition between tricks by double tapping either the grind, grab or flip buttons while doing pretty much any trick, especially grinds

Special Tricks can also be changed so you are not limited to Tony’s special ones. Included in the demo are the Rowley Darkslide and the Hardflip Backside Nose Pick. The demo will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. The demo will be available to preload from today if you have already pre-ordered, but not playable until August 14th.

Source: PS Blog

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