Horizon Zero Dawn PC update 1.01 released – Here’s the patch notes

It’s no secret that Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC has been a less-than-perfect port of Guerrilla Games’ blockbuster sci-fi action adventure. Today, Guerrilla released the first update to the game, hoping to fix a handful of immediate issues, while continuing to investigate and test a second patch planned for next week.

Here are the patch notes for today’s version 1.01 update.


Horizon Zero Dawn version 1.01 patch notes

Crash/Hang Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if the SteamUI didn’t initialize properly on startup.

Functionality Issue Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Concentration and other slowdown mechanics wouldn’t work for everyone.
  • Fixed an issue where Windows/Steam profile names containing special characters would prevent some players from saving the game. We are still investigating other saved game issues as well.
  • Fixed an issue where Windows/Steam profile names containing special characters would prevent some players from saving screenshots in Photo Mode.

Other Fixes

  • Added improved diagnostic data collection when submitting a crash report.
  • Fixed several backend issues.
  • Fixed a video corruption issue for specific hardware. We’re continuing to look at other hardware configurations as well.

Guerrilla also released a list of known issues:

Known Issues

In addition to the issues identified previously, we’re working on a number of high-priority issues:

  • Some players are experiencing startup crashes. Patch 1.01 fixes a few, but not all, of these crashes.
  • Some players are experiencing GPU-related hangs during gameplay. The improved diagnostic data collection added in Patch 1.01 is aimed at making it easier to track these down.
  • Some players are experiencing graphical settings issues, such as Anisotropic Filtering not working, 4K not displaying correctly, or HDR not working correctly.
  • Some players are experiencing performance issues on specific GPUs or hardware combinations.
  • We’re aware of and continue to investigate all issues in this list on Reddit as well. Thank you to u/EvilMonkeySlayer for compiling this for us.

Of note are the “performance issues on specific GPUs or hardware combinations”, which seems to go against what we believe to be fundamental performance issues. Our testing saw the game struggle to meet expectations set by fellow Decima Engine game Death Stranding across both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. On a Vega 56 it was unable to reach 1080p60 in Horizon on the “original” PS4-matching settings, while able to push past 90FPS at higher settings in Death Stranding. Meanwhile, 1080p30 was the only plausible target for a GTX 1060, which can easily handle 1080p60 in Death Stranding. Anecdotally, we saw similar reports of diminished performance from a number of other post-day one patch reviews.

Here’s hoping that, as they work on the issues with anisotropic filtering and scaling, Guerrilla are also able to uncover the root of this poor performance.

In our Horizon Zero Dawn PC review, I wrote:

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition brings Guerrilla Games’ fantastic sci-fi adventure to a whole new audience, but PC players used to ultra-high frame rates will have to accept a step down in performance as they enjoy Aloy’s journey.

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