Report: Retailer lists Xbox Series X for $599

This is a bit of a “my mate’s dad knows this bloke who said he heard that…” type of thing, but it does come from respected games journalist Alanah Pearce. She appeared on the Kinda Funny Xcast and said she had been sent an image showing a retail terminal that listed the Xbox Series X for $599 with a November release date.

It could be a placeholder price but we are very close to finding out the prices of both consoles as Sony and Microsoft are expected to reveal everything before the end of the month, so there’s a  chance this is the real price.

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, GM Xbox Games Marketing, recently announced that the Xbox Series X will be released in November, narrowing the release window from “Holiday 2020” to a specific month.

We also know Yakuza: Like a Dragon Launches Day 1 on Xbox Series X and that is out on November 13th, so the console will be on the shelves by then.

The long rumoured Xbox Series S, the cheaper “Lockheart” variant of Microsoft’s next-gen console, has been leaked from a handful of different sources that have got their hands on the updated Xbox controller designed for the Xbox Series X.

Twitter user Zak S was able to purchase the controller, with its subtly modified form factor, redesigned D-pad and new Share button. However, most interesting is that the packaging for the controller reveals that is it compatible with “Xbox Series X | S”.

The Xbox Series S is expected to be a lower powered version of the Xbox Series X, keeping many of the same attributes, such as the ultra-fast SSD storage and Zen 2 CPU, but compromising on the GPU side of things. Where the Xbox Series X is expected to deliver a native 4K resolution, higher frame rates and ray tracing, the cut back “Lockheart” could sacrifice these to reach a lower price point for those buyers without a 4K TV or without as exacting demands from their games graphics, while retaining the minimal loading times and enhanced game worlds that the CPU could provide.

Source: Forbes

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  1. That’s a healthy jump over the XBox One. I wouldn’t say it’s too expensive but if the PS5 is $500+ then this generation definitely marks the death of buying into both competitors at launch. And for that sort of money a brand new console had better come with a game!

    • In some ways it’s not a huge leap in price. $599 is £457, but then add VAT and you’re at £548.

      But the XBone launched at £429, 7 years ago. Add inflation and you’re at just over £500.

      Consoles generally seem to work at a much lower inflation rate though, so it might be a big jump. Then again, it’s got some expensive bits, like that SSD.

      $599 does sound like it could be the price (or £599? Maybe as low as £549?), especially with the Series S as close to officially announced as it could be. It looks like MS have decided it’s going to be expensive and not sell many to start with, and so it’s not worth making a loss when they can sell a cheap version instead and get all that subscription money as well.

      My money’s on MS blinking first and announcing the Series S and the price for both, and then Sony popping up a week or 2 later with a price between the two. It’ll be an increase over the PS4’s £349 launch, possibly £449 and £499?

      • With the uncertainty of the pound and Brexit, I wouldn’t be surprised for both Sony and Microsoft to hedge with a conservative exchange rate, so I think the £599 Xbox isn’t out of the question for the UK.

      • Good number crunching, I remember an analyst figure of £499 being quoted last year as the inflation adjusted next gen entry price, but now Covid 19 may add to the cost. I was okay with £499 for a PS5 but will stretch to £549, £599 will make me thing twice, lets hope you’re right though and I can spend less than £500. Whatever happens I’m sure it’s gonna be a fun month for rumours and bullshittery!

  2. There was also some promotion offering XBseries X+Halo infinite bundles as prizes. They listed the total prize pool value and it also seemed to work out at $599 for XBseriesX. Could still be a placeholder though.

    • Yeah that was a load of poo basically. They forgot to subtract the price of the game, which took the console price down to $540, but Monster Energy specifically stated the value was “an estimate”, which is why I didn’t mention it.

      • good stuff, there’s been quite a few ‘poo’ rumours debunked recently. :)

      • I try to remove as much poo as possible.

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