Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered leaks, out this November

Amazon have listed and just as quickly deleted a listing for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered for Xbox One. The game has a launch date of November 13th, the same day as Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and also the date we expect the Xbox Series X to have launched before. The title was listed for Xbox One and Switch but we would expect PlayStation and possibly next gen versions are also on the way.


The game has also been listed by retailers in Australian retailer Mighty Ape. Back in June Venturebeat reported that, following the success of Burnout Paradise Remastered, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit was coming to Switch and other consoles . EA have not officially announced the remaster.

Hot Pursuit launched way back in 2010 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii and scored 8/10 in our review. 

Hot Pursuit is a refreshing reboot for a series that’s become tired and disjointed, with Criterion’s grip tightly controlling the direction of the game as much as the publisher.  As a result, this latest Need for Speed is the best it’s been for years, and although it’s naturally not going to be a game for everyone, anyone looking for a solid racing game this Christmas with a significant emphasis on online competition should find this is well worth investigating, especially if you liked the demo.

EA have teased what some of their biggest studios are working on for the next generation of console. With the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X coming out at the end of this year, it doesn’t sound like EA will be there on day one with non-sports games, but will be striving to deliver some eye-popping new experiences in 2021 and beyond.

Criterion Games are resurgent in recent months, with EA having decided to fold Ghost Games back into Criterion and hand the Guildford-based studio the keys to the Need for Speed franchise once more. The glimpse of some incredibly shiny and reflective ray-traced cars looked practically photorealistic.

Source: PureXbox via Eurogamer

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  1. I much preferred Most Wanted.

    • I think I did but but at the time this filled the Burnout void really well. This news is excellent though, we’re one step closer to an SSX remaster!!

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