Unboxing the sleek Death end re;Quest 2 Limited Edition

I was blown away by Death end re;Quest 2 when I reviewed it a little earlier this month. The horror-inspired JRPG has a lot of unique ideas and addictive gameplay, but it also has sharp character designs and an incredible soundtrack. When I come across a game like this that sticks with me long after I’ve played it, I can’t help but want some physical merchandise of it to display on my shelves. If you’ve got similar feelings about the eerie world of Death end re;Quest 2, then Idea Factory International has you covered with their upcoming Limited Edition release of the game.

Idea Factory International has been putting together some beautiful collector’s boxes for their last few Limited Edition releases, and the one for Death end re;Quest 2 is no exception. The front of the box features a beautiful illustration of the main characters that also serves as the reverse cover art for the standard edition of the game. It’s a beautiful piece of art, and as you’ll see with the rest of the contents of the Limited Edition – they get plenty of use out of it. The box also features the sharp logo for the game on the sides, as well as a really cool emblem on the back of it.

As nice as the box that all of these goodies come in is, though, the goodies themselves are the stars of the show. I’m especially fond of the Steelbook case for the game, which features some gorgeous holographic printing on both sides. The layout of the Steelbook and the emblem printed on the back actually mirror the design of the Steelbook for the first game, which I thought was a nice touch. That illustration featured on the front of the collector’s box is also the cover of the Steelbook, as well as the art featured on the pack-in collectible card.

If you want even more art to appreciate, there’s a wonderful miniature art-book featured in the Limited Edition release of Death end re;Quest 2 as well. This 64-page book includes a wonderful sampler of all the art you could want out of a compiled book like this. There’s environmental concept art, package illustration designs, character profiles, and even some event CGs. My favorite thing to peruse in art books is always character concept art, and thankfully there’s a section of the book dedicated to just that.

This isn’t the only book that comes with the Limited Edition, though. There’s also Death end re;Quest 1.5, a 48 page novel that helps bridge the gap between the first and second games. The mystery of how these two seemingly unrelated stories tie into each other is a big part of Death end re;Quest 2, so it’s probably best not to read this novel until you finish the game. It’s so rare to see something like this translated and released as a bonus for the western audience, so I’m really happy Idea Factory International decided to include it.

The other unique item included with the Limited Edition of Death End re;Quest 2 is actually so big it wasn’t even included inside the collector’s box at all. It’s a full-sized black messenger bag with unique art of the four protagonists of the game printed across the front. As much as I love repping my anime game pride, I don’t often bust out bags with full art like this on them. Thankfully, if you’re someone who decides they want a more discreet bag to bring to work or school, the flap with art printed on it can be removed by a velcro strap, leaving behind a simple black messenger bag with plenty of storage space.

The Limited Edition of Death End re;Quest 2 from Idea Factory International is no basic cash-in or bare minimum release. It’s a passion-fueled collection of unique physical goods that any fan of the series or first-time player can appreciate. The standard stuff like your Steelbook case and game soundtrack are welcome additions, but the inclusion of things like a fully-translated light novel and a deluxe messenger bag set this apart as one of the most interesting and worthwhile collector’s editions I’ve seen all year.

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