Senior writer on Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad posts an emotional video detailing sexual harassment at the company

Kim MacAskil, senior script writer at Rocksteady until 2019, has posted a video stating she wrote the original letter than formed the basis of The Guardian investigation that was published yesterday. She has asked to be removed from the credits of Suicide Squad, “As one of your longest serving writers, I no longer want to be associated with the abuse I tried to stop.”

Be warned the video is upsetting, but if you are planning to buy Suicide Squad then you probably should watch this.


“When I left, I thought things that had improved, I now have learned that the haven’t.. I am so angry, so angry,” she says. She states the the vast majority of people in the company are “wonderful, talented, and made me feel included”, but the company is “so inept” at dealing sexual harassment.

She goes on to describe finding a female member of staff crying in the bathroom because a man was repeatedly groping her, sending her messages in the evening, and when drunk claiming he was sleeping with her to other colleges. The staff member went to HR to ask for an investigation but was told while that was going on she still had to work with the man.

She states she spoke to everyone woman in the company and “every single woman, except one” had experienced harassment. One person had therapy due to harassment, and the ladies avoided social gatherings due to “the repetitive behaviour of a few bad apples.”

Kim states that higher management and a director were harassing the females, with a male colleague complaining about a female employees work after she rejected her advances.

She goes on to say she “redrafted and redrafted” the letter, during which the HR department tried to stop her twice, and members of higher management told her that if she did finish the letter her position in the company would be in jeopardy and that her future prospects at other companies would be jeopardised as she might be seen as “a trouble maker” .

Kim has posted her video as despite the accusation of harassment dating back to 2015 and her letter in 2018, Rocksteady only took steps three days ago. “It’s only took a phone calls to understand this behaviour is still happening,” says Kim

Rocksteady, I am formerly asking you to take me name off of your game, I do not want to be associated with your game, I do not want to be associated with your company, my entire memory of being in your company as one of your only senior females is trying to protect the women in your company while you allowed them to be continually assaulted, abused, and harassed. The whole time, the whole time, you were protecting the people that were doing it.

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