Total War Three Kingdoms : The Furious Wild arrives in September

SEGA has confirmed the first expansion for Total War: Three Kingdoms, and that expansion is The Furious Wild, The new expansion will be launching on September 3rd, and it will bring with it four brand new factions, and a map expansion bringing in the jungles of Southern China. The four new leaders are Meng Huo, King Mulu, Lady Zhurong, and King Shamole, who will each have their own strengths to protect their land. Those will include laming mace and blowpipe units, elephants and tigers.


The features include:

  • Four new playable factions embodying the best and bravest of a new culture; the Nanman
  • 25+ new units including exciting and formidable animal units
  • Expanded map showcasing the lush but deadly jungles of southern China
  • A new tech tree and faction mechanics
  • Unique missions and narrative events bespoke for the Nanman culture
  • Playable in 190 and 194 start dates

A free update will also be released alongside The Furious Wild, and that will add new Han Warlord Shi Xie, flame-firing Juggernaut artillery, and Gate Battles. In our review for Total War: Three Kingdoms Jim wrote:

“Three Kingdoms is another solid instalment in the Total War franchise, but lacks a certain wow factor. Creative Assembly has made some clever refinements around the edges of that enduringly addictive strategic core, allowing fans to steep themselves in yet another historic saga. However, there’s a chance that some won’t gel with this new setting or the way Guanzhong’s epic has been adapted. It’s another fun and rewarding take on the series, though we’d struggle to call it a must-buy.”
You can read the full Total War: Three Kingdoms review here.
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