Rocksteady post an “unsolicited letter” from their current female employees

Rocksteady were the subject of a report in The Guardian on Monday which accused them of ignoring sexual harassment claims, followed by a emotional video from Kim MacAskil, Senior Writer at the studio until 2019.

Rocksteady have now posted an “unsolicited letter” from seven out of the ten women who signed the original letter which complained about sexual harassment.


Rocksteady have used Twitter’s new feature that stops anyone from replying to their tweets, but here are some of the comments from across Twitter.

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  1. Are you suggesting it’s somehow bad that they’re using that new Twitter feature to prevent replies? Maybe because they don’t want anyone to say anything that might contradict what they were saying?

    Because that YouTube video yesterday also has comments turned off. Presumably because someone might say something she doesn’t like.

    And I could name a certain other popular gaming website which has been endlessly reporting on every single allegation over the past few weeks and closing their comments before anyone could say anything.

    • I didn’t read that as criticism of them using the no reply feature of Twitter, it appeared to be a statement of fact.

      Whether the comments taken from other Twitter posts is representative of all replies is open to debate as we don’t know how they were selected. If I was concerned I would do my own trawl to find out but I’m not so I won’t ;)

  2. Bizzare behaviour. So they’ve been accused of ignoring sexual harassment claims, and have still made no suggestion (that I can see) that they’re making any effort to investigate. Desperately trying to save face and achieving the complete opposite.

    • If you read this latest letter, they’ve been doing “something” about it for the past 2 years, but it was being treated as a “private matter”.

      Which, assuming they weren’t forced to write it, should be the end of it.

      • Considering the circumstances, I’m not making that assumption.

      • If they were “forced” to write it, or the company just wrote it and said “the women signed it”, they’d be found out fairly quickly. They wouldn’t be so stupid as to risk that, would they?

        It looks like they had a problem, did something about it privately, and that should have been the end of it. But 1 woman, for some reason, wanted something different to happen.

      • There are various ways of pressuring people into signing something that they’re not comfortable with, and people in a position of power often do think they’re untouchable. Are we sure they wouldn’t be so stupid? There are plenty who would.

  3. “We received the following unsolicited letter, whose senders will remain anonymous. Not to us though – we know all their names, and we’d know if any of them refused to sign it, and they all depend on us for their jobs. But there was no pressure at all on them to sign, despite all of that. Take our word for it.”

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