Ghost of Tsushima 1.07 update improves stick tolerance, fixes bugs

If you plan on firing up Ghost of Tsushima this weekend, you will notice that there’s a new update available.

Sucker Punch have rolled out a post-launch patch for the open world samurai sim with Ghost of Tsushima version 1.07 now live and ready to download.


Compared to previous updates for the PlayStation exclusive, 1.07 doesn’t make too many changes or introduce new content. In fact, if you’re ready the patch notes via the Ghost of Tsushima icon on your PS4 home menu, you get a template message about general bug fixes.

Sucker Punch have explained that some changes have been made to the game. Most notably, the developers have added an option to “increase stick tolerance” to combat drift and deadzone issues. They also confirmed that other bug fixes have been rolled into 1.07.

Patch 1.05 added a new “lethal” difficulty option to Ghost of Tsushima, while 1.06 reworked the Traveler’s Attire, helping players to better locate collectables using this armour set – pretty handy if you’re looking to get that platinum trophy.

Source: Twitter

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