Marvel’s Iron Man VR update 1.06 adds New Game Plus and new weapons

Camouflaj has announced the contents of Marvel’s Iron Man VR’s 1.06 update, and there are some big additions. The first is that Iron Man VR will now have a new game plus mode so you can replay the campaign with all of your unlocked gear. Alongside that, there is a new Ultimate difficulty which will be much tougher to get through than Marvel’s Iron Man VR’s Invincible difficulty mode. To help out four new weapons are available with those being the micro swarm, gravity bomb, EM charge cannon, and the continuous beam repulsor.  There are also some new custom armour decorations to get from the Armor Station.

As well as gameplay additions there have been some quality changes too. Load times should drastically improve when going into the Shanghai missions, with reports of times being reduced by up to 30 seconds. When you replay a mission you will be able to skip the cinematics if you wish to. There are also two missions in the game that are now skippable following player feedback. When you skip them they will be marked as completed in the campaign, but any trophies associated with them will remain locked until you go back and complete the mission properly.


In our review for Marvel’s Iron Man VR, Dom wrote:

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a brilliant superhero adventure, and one that replicates its star’s physicality in VR in a truly incredible way.
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