Planet Zoo Australia Pack arrives next, update 1.3 detailed

Frontier Developments has announced a brand new DLC pack for Planet Zoo, and this one is the Australia Pack. As you can guess animals from the Land Down Under are the focus of the Australia pack, with the Koala, Red Kangaroo,Dingo, Southern Cassowary, and the Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard all being part of it. There will also be new foliage and scenery as part of the pack, as well as new scenarios. The Australia Pack will be available from August 25th.


Alongside the paid content the free 1.3 update for Planet Zoo will be released. In update 1.3 there will be more colour variations for animals and descriptions will be improved for colour blind players. Animal colours will be dependant on genetics and will allow more differentiation between individual creatures. 6% of the Jaguar population will be black, Albinism or Leucism in birds and reptiles will be much more noticeable. An animal food management page will also be added so players can see the grade of food being given to animals, the costs of feeding the animals, how many keepers have been assigned to each area, and whether the animals are hungry.

A new sandbox map will be added in update 1.3 too, as well as a timed scenario in Estonia. Vending machines will be available to place in zoos as well, though items from machines will not be as satisfying as those from shops for guests. Scenery lights can be turned on at any time too. When it comes to staff management players will be able to multi-select staff members meaning training and pay rises can be done in bulk, as well as assigning and firing them. Zoo alerts will also be dismissable.

In our review for Planet Zoo, Dom wrote:

Planet Zoo is simply wonderful; a bright and breezy park builder that gushes with enthusiasm for its charges. There’s depth to spare here, pushing further than either of Frontier’s most recent management games have, and it leans into its own identity, with a keen eye for the importance of education, animal welfare and preservation.
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