What We Played #464 – Microsoft Flight Simulator, Peaky Blinders: Mastermind & PGA Tour 2K21

I have spent this week playing ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator Troubleshooting Simulator’ and let me tell you, it’s the worst game of the year so far. I have a pretty decent PC, that plays nice with pretty much everything, but not this. It just crashes, usually just as it’s loading, and it’s driven me to distraction. I think it might have actually removed any love for gaming that I have.

Well, maybe not quite as I’ve been playing No Straight Roads for review, as well as continuing to give the Wii U some much needed attention with Wind Waker HD and Paper Mario Color Splash, but it’s been a close run thing.

Thankfully, so that we can actually have a feature about the game, Tef has had far more success with Microsoft Flight Simulator, which he’s happily dabbled with while playing ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator Tech Support’ and come up with a bunch of new troubleshooting things I can try. He’s not had much luck with that.

Now that Nic B has got the internet, he’s been storming through Ogre Tale — a weird 2D beat-em-up that asks what happens if you took Japan and vomited Japan all over it, with Nic telling us “It’s an interesting play, if very try-hard in its writing.” Gareth meanwhile has been playing Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? for review. He’s also mopped up some side missions in Ghost of Tsushima, which in any other year would likely be his GOTY, but The Last of Us 2 released this year. He’s also jumped into some Beat Saber with the newly released Linkin Park pack.

On the watching front he’s on the second season of Umbrella Academy this week, “which was good except for a few moments that relied on poor writing and nonsensical character choices to progress. Other than that, I continued to watch 30 Rock and, much to my delight, discovered that I had misremembered how many seasons it has. I have two seasons left! It’s excellent, if you haven’t seen it.”

Aside from his usual grind on FFXIV, Reuben has been sinking some time into surviving the Siberian wilderness in Rise of the Tomb Raider and soaring through Aokana for a review too. He also says “I haven’t been watching a whole lot, unless you count my millionth rewatch of Friends as background noise.”

Jim hasn’t really thrown himself into one game this week, juggling a few, dipping in for a couple of hours here and there. He tells us “I’m still slaying away with Dauntless, having almost maxed the new Hunt Pass and unlocked almost all the Indiana Jones adventurer-esque cosmetics. Fall Guys has obviously been in my rotation but I’ve probably spent more time with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5. I don’t have much history with the series at all, so maybe I’m not catching the same flaws fans butt their heads against. I’m really enjoying it, firing up a session then completing a handful of missions before ducking back out.”

Nick P has been mostly playing PGA Tour 2K21 for review, as well as some Ghost of Tshushima, CoD Warzone, Fall Guys and the Marvel Avengers Beta. “For things I’ve watched, I saw two movies, Invisible Man and Us which I quite enjoyed. I also started watching Brooklyn 99! I don’t know where all this time has come from haha!”

Jason has been playing more some Halo multiplayer, saying “it’s nostalgic and lets me pretend the world isn’t on fire around me. I’ve also been spending a lot of time with Dreamscaper, which is a really cool roguelike game with some light Persona social stuff thrown in.”

Over the other side of the pond, Miguel played Spiritfarer and Kandagawa Jet Girls for review. “My friends and I picked up Remnant as a co-op thing so i played the tutorial last night. I’ve also been doing a bunch of Final Fantasy XIV now that the Yokai Watch event is kicking off. I found out that the Regular Show creators new show Close Enough FINALLY came out so I watched that this week alongside some of Kaiji season 2 and my usual weekly anime business.”

Ade thoroughly enjoyed his time reviewing Peaky Blinders Mastermind, to the extent that he’s tempted to go and watch the TV show, and did a new Playing with History researching the gang’s real origins. He also played the Avengers Beta and said, “it was alright,” before returning to the EDF franchise and playing EDF 5 with his girlfriend – “The best in the series yet, we reckon.”

Steve turned up to say that he played BPM: Bullets Per Minute, Battletoads and Metamorphosis and just got the platinum for the lovely Ni no Kuni II. He’s going to watch the film with his kids over the weekend.

Finally, Aran played Death Stranding and got bored, saying “I just could not get into it at all”. He also played more Fall Guys “which is a great game to unwind with”, some and UFC 4 online. He’s been watching more The Good Place and also watched 1917, saying “what a great film that is.”

That’s all from us, but what about you? Let us know what you’ve been playing in the comments.

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  1. I have platinum NFS Heat on Sunday and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on Tuesday.
    Still waiting for the Plat to pop on Fall Guys (Legendary Body Colour) and Skater XL (Around the World)
    Started Transformers Devastation on Wednesday and have completed the campaign 6 times lol just need to max up Optimus Prime and his Autobots for Hard difficulty and getting SS Ranks on all missions and NOT to get hit by Decepticons Boss fights which is proving to be a real challenge! So Transformers for the weekend if I can get them tricky trophies ^^

  2. No gaming achievements beyond playing a little bit more Battlefield 1 but did finish the book Blood, sweat and pixels. I’d heard of quite a few of the stories but not in so much detail – fascinating stuff! Crunch has always been a feature of game development but I never really appreciated the other difficulties and sacrifices that are made just so we can sit down with a controller in hand and while away a couple of hours…

  3. Lots more Fall Guys for me. I’m getting a bit bored of it now, my skills have peaked (and it at a high level) so wins are now a matter of luck and the abilities of internet strangers. On the plus side my wife and kids are enjoying watching the deftness and having a go, which has never happened before. I have an empty house tomorrow so I’m thinking it’s time to start Death Stranding.

  4. Skater XL. Got a solid couple of mins footage, but I’ve pretty much run out of good spots. Desperately need some new maps added.

  5. First, I tried the Avengers beta, and it’s a shsme, as I was really disappointed. I’m quite a fan of MCU, I’m watching the movies repeatedly, but I didn’t really think I’d need to play anything more than the beta of this gamer.
    Then I continued TLOU2, and I’m really enjoying the tense fights, but it takes me ages to get anywhere. And I hate the dogs.
    Then, it proved difficult to get my son off of Fall Guys, we had some of fun with that.
    To tick off some backlog, I tried to play Heavy Rain, but it stuttered worse than any game ever bugged that I remember. Maybe I have to reinstall it.
    And finally, I played through Erica, which I found surprisingly good. And it was short, which I appreciate.

    • Oh, and for all those who don’t know what accessibility is or don’t care about it much, claiming ‘there’s only one best way to experience a certain game and all other options should be forbidden’:
      I was very glad I was able to play Erica fully on my controller, using the touchpad, without installing some mobile app. That, for me would have been such a hassle, I’d not have done it, and would’ve missed out on the whole experience.

  6. After somehow doing something to my back last weekend, anything other than lying down flat has been agnonising pain after about 10 minutes most of the week.

    So obviously I’ve had lots of little goes on various things in short bursts.

    More RDR2 before they try and update it and break it again. That was the creepiest broken update ever when all the NPCs and animals disappeared, except for the horses that were pulling empty wagons around and The Bald Man.

    Bit more of Death Stranding, which I’m convinced is deliberately doing it’s best to make me hate it. I’m currently rating it at both a 9/10 and a 3/10. At the same time.

    And then a bit more Warhammer…Martyr. A decent enough Diablo clone, really, with plenty to do until you get bored of it.

    And Fall Guys can piss off now. Stupid spinning things that knock you back to last place if you fail to jump. Or it thinks you failed to jump.

    Then I finished off I Am Setsuna. Why didn’t I get around to it when it was released several years ago? It’s rather good if you like old-fashioned JRPGs. Still got some sidequests and optional nasty things to fight.

    Also, a couple of betas I had a go at. Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena is a nice attempt at a multiplayer VR thing. Even has a reason for being teleport only. But they buggered it up by making it so slow to teleport. And sticking to snap turning. But it’ll be free to play when it’s released, and it does support the Aim controller.

    And then The Avengers. As a beta, it probably does what they need it to do. As a way of convincing anyone to buy it? Not so much. Here’s a fun mission on a bridge with all the Avengers you like. And now here’s a tedious mission with Hulk smashing stuff (which is kind of fun) and another one nobody’s heard of (with the power of stretchy arms and ticking things off a diversity checklist).

    But there seems to be a decent enough game in there somewhere. Bit worried that it might end up introducing all your favourite Avengers, but then making you grind the same things for a while to make them useful. Also, I think it might benefit from the PS5 version a lot. It looks like it was designed for that and then made to run on the PS4. And the faces are all a bit odd. Almost as if they couldn’t afford the actors from the films, so they got someone to describe those actors to someone else and they made something that looks almost, but not quite, entirely unlike them.

    Oh, and Hyper Scape. Ubisoft trying the Battle Royale thing? Not a bad effort. If you got all excited when whichever Call of Duty game said they were going back to boots on the ground and no wall running, you’ll hate it. The usual BR problems are present though. You can spend ages not seeing another player. And then everyone’s a bullet sponge and can run away quickly after you do a tiny bit of damage.

    But at least my back is mostly better and I can play all those things for more than 10 minutes at a time next week.

    • I empathise with your back injury – hope you recover quickly as i did.

      • Thanks. It’s mostly fine now. Sort of. It’s a mix of old age and a science injury from 25 years ago where I learned several valuable lessons.

        Vacuum pumps are a lot heavier than they look. Always bend your knees when lifting things. And most soldering iron heating elements do not work in a vacuum. (I don’t think that last one is entirely relevant to my back injury, but it’s still useful to know)

    • Back pain can be nasty, hope you get better soon..!

  7. Storm Ellen knocked my electricity out 2 nights in a row, on one occasion right in the middle of a new project in Dreams. Luckily i was able to recover everything and am happily able to continue blinding and inducing seizures throughout the dreamiverse with my dangerous dabblings. ;)

    • I’d be more annoyed by how much the PS4 tells you off for not turning it off properly. And how long it takes to check nothing bad happened afterwards.

      • Lol – i was thinking exactly that – PS5 should modify that error message to “if you incorrectly shut down your PS4 or experience a power cut” xD

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