Microsoft reveal a limited edition furry, unplayable, Xbox One X

Stand down Sony, back off Nintendo, Microsoft have just won the console wars until the end of time with the reveal of a furry, leopard print, Xbox One X. The one off design has been created to celebrate the launch of Wonder Woman 84 in cinemas this October.


The ‘Barbara Minerva Xbox One X Console’ has been inspired by Wonder Woman’s archenemy, and features “an intricate snakeskin pattern and faux leopard fur for a truly wild appearance” along with silver spikes on the top and front of the console and a gold “Wonder Woman 1984” logo.

They have also created the less impressive ‘Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth Xbox One X Console’ which is, well, and orange Xbox with a bit of rope stuck to it.

You could win either console by liking or retweeting the Xbox sweepstakes tweet sometime between today, August 25th, through to September 17th.

A third console has also been created but this one will be auctioned off in aid of Together for Her, an initiative launched by the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, leading humanitarian organization CARE, and the Entertainment Industry Foundation to stand in solidarity with women and girls around the world deploying funds and supporting the global response against domestic violence during the time of COVID-19

The console is being auctioned as it’s a little more special, the ‘Wonder Woman Golden Armor Xbox One X Console’ is covered with 24-carat gold leaves.

Now you might be thinking a gold plated console, or indeed a furry console, might cause a few heat issues and you would be right. “Please note, that all the Xbox is for display ONLY, not gameplay. Prize and the successful bidder will also get a standard Xbox One X,” say Microsoft.

With the Xbox Series X just around the corner these will probably be the last custom Xbox One’s to be made Microsoft.


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