Monster Hunter World board game coming soon

Steamforged Games have given Monster Hunter fans a first proper look at their board game adaptation of the mega-popular Capcom RPG series.

For those who take their tabletop games seriously, Steamforged Games is a name that should be familiar to you. The Stockport based developer has worked to bring a number of AAA properties into the board game sphere including Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dark Souls, and Resident Evil. Like these games, Monster Hunter: World will have a crowdfunding campaign, Steamforged planning this for sometime in 2021.


This latest project sees them partnering with Capcom yet again for what sounds to be their most ambitious challenge to date. In an interview with Polygon they discussed their main ideas driving the Monster Hunter: World board game experience and how this differs from how they approached previous adaptations.

Where Dark Souls and Resident Evil have a linear, adventure-like structure to how they play, Monster Hunter is more open-ended. Players will group up and embark on campaigns that span multiple in-game days as they secure intel on their target, make preparations, then engage in epic showdowns.

Much like the Monster Hunter video game series there will be elements of time and resource management that put pressure on players as they face off against familiar foes. What’s more interesting is how the game will encourage replayability, inviting hunters to embark on subsequent campaigns while carrying over their characters and gear.

Of course there will be multiple weapon types to choose from, each with their own associated cards and playstyles.

What excites us most is perhaps getting our hands on the Monster Hunter: World miniatures. Although not a hundred percent accurate in scale, the few examples we’ve seen show off two monsters (the Anjanath and Rathalos) and a hero character in brilliant detail.

Exactly what you’ll get in the $100 box remains unclear for now though we’re sure to hear more once the board game hits Kickstarter. So far, Steamforged are planning on four monsters and one environment/biome though we can see this being expanded. Hopefully the crowdfunding campaign will include stretch goals for additional components and miniatures to be added.

Source: Polygon

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