Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC for Borderlands 3 launches next month, check out the trailer here

Gearbox have announced that the third paid DLC pack for Borderlands 3 will launch on September 10th. The hilariously named Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck pack will take players in to the mind of Borderlands 2 character Psycho Krieg to discover the location of Vaulthalla, a mythical place scientist Patricia Tannis believes drives people insane.

Help both sides of Krieg’s dual psyche process his traumatic memories by blasting his inner demons to bits, and try not to succumb to lunacy inside Krieg’s fractured mindscapes as you:
  1. Journey through the many demented vistas of Krieg’s psyche, where anything is possible and likely very violent;
  2. Experience the world as Krieg sees it, including his perception of fan-favorite characters like Maya – the light of his twisted life;
  3. Overcome a vast array of life-threatening manifestations that Krieg’s mind conjures up;
  4. Expand Krieg’s mind and Tannis’ research in surreal side missions and Crew Challenges;
  5. Score powerful Legendary weapons and gear that will still work outside of Krieg’s consciousness, according to Tannis;
  6. Acquire brain-busting cosmetic items, including Vault Hunter Heads and Skins.

Hollywood superstar Cate Blanchett has signed up to star in the movie adaption of Gearbox’s Borderlands games. Ms. Blanchett  will be playing Lilith, a character who appeared in the very first game, with Eli Roth is directing the movie. He has previously worked with the actress in the film “The House With a Clock in Its Walls.”

Earlier this year Full Circle reported that Lilith will be the main protagonist in the movie.

The movie will find Lilith in the Atlas Corporation space prison when the CEO gives her the chance to earn her freedom by rescuing his daughter, the foul-mouthed Tiny Tina, on the planet Pandora. The mission takes an unexpected turn when it becomes clear that the little girl is the key to unlocking a valuable alien vault that Atlas wants all for itself.

Joining her on the adventure is the previously mentioned Claptrap, Tina’s bodyguard Krieg, and a group of vault hunters (it is unclear if they will be established game characters).

The film has been in development for a good few years and was announced way a back in 2015.

Source: Press release

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  1. “The previously mentioned Claptrap” despite nothing at all being said about Claptrap in the article?

    Tina’s the daughter of the Atlas CEO and is the key to opening a vault?! Losing my interest by not sticking to the lore of the games. Also, it’s a massive “hell no!” unless Tina is played by Ashley Birch.

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