Star Wars Battlefront II August 26th patch notes, read ’em here

Although the content drops have ended EA are still patching Star Wars Battlefront II and a small patch is dropping today with a bunch fixes for your favourite heroes and villains.

“Most notably of which, is the issue where it was possible to build up Darth Vader’s damage reduction traits,” say EA. “A fix has also been implemented which will stop General Grievous’ Claw Rush ability hitting more than expected within a short space of time. We have also fixed an issue that would cause Darth Maul to become unable to block, after performing a Spin Attack.”

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Many of you should have Star Wars Battlefront II as it was one of the free games in June’s PlayStation Plus selection. Here are the notes

Release Notes:

  • Fixed an issue that would allow players to build up Darth Vader’s damage reduction traits.

  • Fixed an issue where General Grievous’ Claw Rush attack could hit opponents multiple times in a short time.

  • Fixed an issue where Darth Maul would not be able to block after performing Spin Attack while blocking.

  • Fixed an issue where inaccurate VFX would play around Boba Fett’s jetpack while he is ragdolled.

  • Fixed an issue where Boba Fett’s jetpack icon would not be greyed out while his abilities are blocked.

  • Updated in-game EA Access and Origin Access logos with EA Play logos.

Deployment Times

  • Xbox One: Aug 26th, 2020, 7AM UTC

  • PS4: Aug 26th, 2020, 8AM UTC

  • PC: Aug 26th, 2020, 9AM UTC

Estimated Download Size

  • PC: 500-750mb

  • PS4: 500mb

  • Xbox One: 900mb

Following the release of the Scarif update at the end of April EA and DICE confirmed there would be no more content updates for Star Wars Battlefront 2, with the studio moving on to other projects. This put Star Wars: Battlefront 2 into its twilight phase, and that seems to have been further confirmed with the new event schedule that will be used from this week onward. The schedule is below but the gist is that on Mondays the Fast Spawn event will take place, on Wednesday a Double XP event, and on Fridays the Battle Point: Reinforcements event.

  • Mondays – Fast Spawn Event
    • Description: Spawn timers will be set to 1 sec long in assault modes for the duration of the event
    • Game Modes: Galactic Assault, Capital Supremacy, Starfighter Assault, Extraction and Strike
  • Wednesdays – Midweek Boost: Double XP
    • Description: Increased XP for faster ranking progression.
    • Game Modes: All modes
  • Fridays – Battle Point Event: Reinforcements
    • Description: Lower Battle Point costs for all reinforcements and increased numbers allowed at a time
    • Game Modes: Galactic Assault, Capital Supremacy, Extraction and Strike

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  1. I bought SWBF2 when EA patched-out its launch micro-transactions & the mechanics surrounding them

    I’ve really enjoyed it, and after the launch f*** up, it’s been phenomenally well supported. Good to see the niggles still being sorted even after the developers have long since moved on to new projects.

    Refreshing in this age of Sony winding up support soon after release & shutting down servers after a comparative short time.

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