Turrican returns in a special 30th birthday edition

UPDATE: It’s been revealed, click here for all the details!! 

Check your WTF2020 bingo card and just beside ‘Global pandemic’, to the left of ‘Australia is on fire’, and above ‘Murder hornets’ and ‘White House confirms UFOs’, you will see ‘Amiga classic Turrican is coming back’.

Thirty years after one of the best ever platforming shooters was released, Turrican is returning with original development team in charge and Strictly Limited Games on publishing duties. A trailer will be shown tomorrow at the Gamescom Opening Night Live but no further details have been announced. It could be a port of the original game, a remaster, or maybe even a new title.

Strictly Limited Games have a history of digging up forgotten classics, back in 2018 the managed to unearth the code for a long lost Psygnosis game, Hardcore, and released on PlayStation.

Turrican launched in 1990 and was developed for the Commodore 64 by Manfred Trenz and was an instant hit, with Amstrad, ZX Spectrum, Gameboy, Atari ST and Amiga versions quickly following – the Amiga version was the best, of course.

Sequels followed, Turrican II: The Final Fight and Turrican 3: Payment Day, along wither versions for the SNES, NES, and Megadrive that took parts of the the three games and created new versions. There were also plans for Turrican to go 3D with THQ creating a version for PC and Dreamcast, but the project was cancelled.

In 2007 the development team Factor 5, who ported the original game to Amiga and Atari ST, announced they were working on a next gen version of the game.

“We’ve been concepting quite a bit internally. That’s another universe creation thing. I was looking at Metroid Prime’s reinventing of a franchise that had been out there for quite awhile, and we’re facing the same thing with Turrican,” said Factor 4 president Julian Eggebrecht at the time.

There’s aspects of the old games where people will feel betrayed if we don’t transform them into the next generation. On the other hand, there’s other stuff which is simply cheesy, let’s face it. I don’t think gamers will accept those things anymore. It’s a fine line to balance.”

Sadly Factor 5 went under shortly after the announcement.

Top fact: The track “Subsong 2” from the Commodore 64 version of Turrican is a copy of the song “Escape” which is heard in the original 1980’s The Transformers: The Movie soundtrack!

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  1. Wow… was not expecting this. We had a few good ports/remakes of Amiga classics in the PS3 era (Monkey Island, Superfrog, Alien Breed), but not so much on PS4.

  2. Awesome, one of my favourites from that era!

  3. Be interesting to see if this is a remaster or a new game. Loved Turrican on the C64 but always preferred 2, first on the 64 then Atari ST. Never got to play 3 as it was Amiga only so it’d be great if it was the trilogy.

  4. Chris Hulbeck! :D

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