Here’s a very aspirational Dragon Age 4 behind the scenes from BioWare – It has a next-gen Solas head in it

BioWare are still a long, long way from being able to show us Dragon Age 4 in an official reveal trailer or gameplay indicative of the final product, but that hasn’t stopped the excitement within the studio and EA bubbling over into a new, incredibly aspirational video about their goals with what they’re trying to create.


Between clips with developers talking about BioWare’s hopes and aspirations for the next Dragon Age, we got to see glimpses of some very in-development snippets from the game. There was a next-gen Solas head, some motion capture, voice performance capture in quarantine, and plenty more.

Beyond the wishy-washy nature of such a video, we can glean a few details about the game. BioWare’s intent is to show characters and people “who don’t have power”, seemingly indicating a shift away from the politics that were a key part of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Speaking of which, we got to see the return of Solas, who had a very significant role in that game’s story, and will likely have a key role in this game. BioWare also emphasised that player choice will be a big factor in the game, and that we’ll be heading to locations that players haven’t seen before.

It’s all a bit… light, isn’t it? It seems like EA and BioWare are falling into the same old traps of talking up their project way before they’re able to really show it. They did the same thing for Mass Effect: Andromeda, had several glossy videos around the start of their tenure with the Star Wars franchise, but it simply left a vacuum in which anticipation increased, ultimately leading to disappointment. We just have to hope that Dragon Age 4 works out better for all the long-time fans of the series out there, not to mention BioWare’s status at EA.

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