Unknown 9 is a paranormal adventure coming to PC and next-gen consoles

It’s sometimes almost a surprise that the next console generation is almost upon us, given the strange time-sucking nature of 2020’s unforeseen circumstances, but Gamescom 2020 has arrived to remind us all that there are exciting new things on the horizon in the world of games. Unknown 9 can jump straight to the top of that list, as Reflector Entertainment showcase a teaser trailer for the game, and peg it for a release in 2021 on PC and next gen.


It’s a third-person narrative-driven action-adventure if that’s enough compound words for you, and it follows the exploits of Haroona, a street urchin raised in Kolkata, India who’s haunted by visions of her own demise. She doesn’t let these overpower her, and is soon set on a path that sees her growing to understand her innate abilities while accessing the mysterious dimension known as The Fold.

There’s set to be interconnected media to go alongside the game, including a mystery-thriller novel from bestselling author Layton Green entitled Unkown 9: Genesis, a podcast called Unknown 9: Out of Sight and a comic book called Unknown 9: Torment. Fans can delve even further into the world’s lore via Unknown9.com where there’s Unknown 9: Chapters, an “interactive, community-driven experience” whatever that might mean.

For a game entitled Unknown, it feels as though there’s going to be plenty for interested fans to know in the lead up to the title’s release, and with everything that Reflector Entertainment are putting into it, it really looks like they’re hoping for big things.

Reflector Entertainment are based in Quebec, Montreal, and Unknown 9 is the first of three games that form part of their Storyworlds saga, with two further titles listed as coming soon on their website. Being based in Montreal there’s no surprise to find that many of the team are former Ubisoft team members, with experience across Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Watch Dogs.

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