What We Played #465 – Wasteland 3, Project CARS 3 & Fall Guys

It’s been a good week down at TSA Towers, helped by the sudden arrival of Gamescom that I had completely forgotten was going on. Despite not being able to travel for some serious gaming business in Cologne, there’s been a bevy of game announcements and even more glimpses of next gen gameplay which is all shiny and new. I’ve been playing Madden 20 as I prepare to jump into 21 later today, as well as restarting Wind Waker HD, playing a bunch of space sims with the HOTAS Warthog after getting angry about Microsoft Flight Simulator’s constant crashes, and indulging in a few nights of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles with Tef.

Tuffcub has played “laughing as Tef gets increasingly annoyed with Geoff Keighley”, which is the game that keeps on getting angrier, Destiny 2, and Trover Saves the Universe “which is very sweary”. Aran meanwhile has played a bit of Civ VI and that is it, saying it’s “quite a boring run, so I might start a new game.”

Thomas Harrison-Lord played Project CARS 3 for review in amongst rounds of Fall Guys. Project CARS 3 is “a different direction for the series and one that hasn’t quite paid off.” He’s also playing WRC 9 for review, which will be coming pretty soon.

Gareth has played Pathfinder Kingmaker, “which seems excellent but I’m only level 4 after playing as much as possible since Sunday, as it progresses at a glacial pace. Other than that I’ve played some Beat Saber, naturally, and a bit of Fall Guys.”

Nick P played a bit of Ghost of Tsushima, saying “I’m on the final act, or at least where things are heating up! Definitely one of my favourite games of the year.” Jason on the other hand has been playing Tales of Berseria, which is “the edgiest of the Tales games. I’m quite enjoying it, though I’m not 100% if I’ll stick with it to the end just because it’s probably 1,000,000 hours long. I’ve also been playing some more Heroes of Hammerwatch, which continues to impress me with every new level I try. Finally, I’m still playing Dreamscaper, which is a roguelike with Persona elements, and also Monster Train, which might be the best of the card-battling roguelikes.”

Ade is on with Darkestville Castle for review, “which is your bog standard Sam and Max alike trying waaaaaay too hard to be funny. I’m also bloody tempted by Captain Tsubasa after @Mohranner’s review, so might pick that up!” I have to admit I’ve been similarly skirting the Buy button on Tsubasa, but can’t work out which format to go for, so instead I’ve gone with none.

Thomas Hughes has been playing a lot of Wasteland 3 for review “which is absolutely excellent”. He’s also been trying to sneak in some Final Fantasy XIV between bottle feeds and work, along with some Dark Souls 2.

Steve started Wolfenstein II, saying “I had somehow managed not to know anything about it so am massively enjoying the sheet WTF of it all. They certainly embraced the camper and sillier aspects. Had some time with the execrable Street Power Football for review and loved my time spent with Hello Games’ The Last Campfire. Managed a few rounds of Overcooked with the kids and a spot of Wasteland 3 coop with Thomas. Finally I cleared the demos, freebies, and prologues from my Steam catalogue. Would recommend the cute Grimm’s Hollow for a lovely take on loss and the sex-horror excesses of Lust Beyond Darkness: Prologue for a very eclectic evening’s entertainment.

Finally, Tef has been plugging away at Crusader Kings 3 ahead of its release next week, and got progressively more annoyed at how often Geoff Keighley was reminding people that Fall Guys: Season 2 and Ratchet & Clank would be shown off later in the stream.

Now then, what have you been playing this week?

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  1. Finished Battlefield 1. Deleted it, BF V and COD WW2 and got nearly half my hard drive back – yay!

    Started Horizon Zero Dawn last night too. Also been slowly cleaning the dust out of out my “server” (Xeon workstation) so I can stick a GPU in it and have a half decent machine to try a bit of Flight sim 2020…

  2. What a week it has for me with Transformers Plat which took me roughly 12 times I completed the campaign. I did enjoy it and those SS Rankings on Hard proved to be quite a challenge! And then I have platinum 10 random shortest cheapest games in the last 24hrs lol (prices were £2.49 to 4.99) went crazy in the PSN store and a little youtube/internet on easiest/shortest plats!
    I am now playing Batman: The Enemy Within which will be my 450th Platinum so that is my plan for tonight ^^

  3. More Dreams for me. Every time i load it up i tell myself it’s time to make something other than another audio visualiser. And then i make another audio visualiser. In the last few weeks i created the (possibly dangerous for some) SEIZURE-paper-rock-ur-eyes-er, the SomethingWentGloriouslyWrong-aliser (my most psychedelic yet) plus two other visualisers. And then i said – ok, now it’s definitely time to do something different. And then i started wondering if i could use the Text Displayer gadget to create another visualiser …
    Turns out yes, i could xD

  4. This week I fell in love with Erica. I wasn’t aware what I got here with Plus in July, and now I find it quite amazing. Of course, you can question whether it’s a game at all, it’s more an interactive movie with some decisions you can take. And, of course, most of these decisions don’t even change the plot that much (well, some do). And the story might not be everyone’s taste either.
    But I find it impressive, the production values are very good, it’s really well implemented, and it’s all about atmosphere and story, which most other games lack so painfully.
    So I played through it once more, then watched my partner play it, and it was interesting to see how she played it, without me interfering. And I’m eager to play it again, uncovering some more of the mysteries hidden in the story branches.

    With the kids, I discovered Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, which I already got in 2017, but which sneaked past my attention into my Plus collection. We all love it, and I can see us play that for a while.
    Meanwhile, Fall Guys is broken after the update, it doesn’t start anymore, brings up an error message. They’re obviously overrun by the success they have with the game, I hope they get it back on track.

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