The Stone Of Madness announced for PlayStation 5

I’m trying to think of any other games set in a monastery but coming up blank, but that is exactly where The Stone of Madness set. Described as “a hardcore real-time tactics and stealth game set in an ever-changing Spanish Monastery”, you have to help five inmates escape. In order to escape they must face “their phobias and risk worsening their conditions before madness completely takes them.”


Now you may be wondering why monks are locking people up, and it turns out the monastery has been repurposed as a mental asylum and is set in the Pyrenees during the 18th century. Depending on how you play you characters sanity will deteriorate and if gets too bad you will get the titular Stone of Madness that gives your characters negative abilities such as paranoia,  and dementia.

“Explore your surroundings, find clues and tools to help you achieve your goal. Be careful though, if you’re caught being somewhere you shouldn’t be the guards will not be kind,” say developers Teku Studios.

Key features include:

  • Master Tactician– Plan and execute your escape in real-time, utilise each characters’ unique abilities and escape the Monastery.
  • The Prisoners – Play as five unique and flawed characters, discover why each has imprisoned.
  • Secrets of the Monastery – Explore the monastery and you may come across items or clues to unlock new content for future play-through’s.
  • Character Progression/Regression – Each character has special skills and unique flaws that can help or hinder or progress.
  • Endless Escapes – There are multiple escape plans to attempt by exploring the monastery. The monastery map also changes with each play-through, moving key and items to other locations.
  • Stunning and Original Art – Exquisite hand-painted and original works inspired by 18th century artist, Francisco De Goya

The game is also scheduled to arrive on Steam along with PlayStation 5 in Spring 2021.

Source: YouTube / Steam

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