Marvel’s Avengers post-launch hero Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye revealed

Marvel’s Avengers is out this week – playable now if you’ve forked out for the Deluxe Edition or on Friday 4th September if you don’t fancy that – but Square Enix have marched ahead with a fresh War Table stream to showcase more of what players can expect to come in the weeks and months after release for this live game.

The biggest news? Well that the regular old “Hawkguy” Hawkeye is going to be joined by the much cooler, much younger Kate Bishop Hawkeye character down the line.


Both Hawkeye characters and any additional areas and missions are coming as free post-launch updates to the game, but will be accompanied by a Battle Pass scheme for earning cosmetics. Head here for more details on Marvel’s Avengers Challenge Cards.

Kate’s character-specific Operation – Taking AIM – will arrive in late October, bringing a new villain and new mystery. Bishop took on the mantle of Hawkeye after being mentored by the original Hawkeye Clint Barton, but she comes with her own Heroic Skills and takedowns that lean on her background as an Olympic-caliber gymnast and master archer.

Beyond this, the hour-long War Table stream showcased a bunch of high-level mission types that you’ll have to battle through in the game’s endgame: Villain Sectors, SHIELD Vaults, AIM’s Secret Lab, and Mega Hives.

Villain Sectors will have you battling powerful bosses, and will be a good way to grind your way up to the power-level cap of 150 at launch. SHIELD Vaults, meanwhile, will appeal to those looking for fancy resources and gear. Then there’s AIM Secret Labs, which will be once-a-week raids into AIM’s labs building up to massive boss fights. Finally, Mega Hives will see you test how far you can get through increasingly difficult levels, seeing how far you can get while going through your line up of available heroes.

We’ve been delving into the game since its early access release yesterday, and will surely have some thoughts to share with you all soon on how Square Enix’s take on the Marvel universe has come together.

Marvel’s Avengers is out for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia on 4th September.

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