What We Played #466 – Marvel’s Avengers, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 & WRC 9

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It’s been a short week on the gaming front for me, not least thanks to driving 800 miles around the Highlands on a road trip which definitely blew some of the cobwebs out of my brain. I did of course take my Switch though, and continued to make my way through The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening which remains as fun and involving as it was when I played it back on my original GameBoy. Besides that I got to go hands on with Second Extinction – more on that next week – and I’ve been checking out Marvel’s Avengers and Madden 21 too.

Aran has been playing Kingdoms of Amalur Re-reckoning for review. All his thoughts will come next week, but he can tell you he’s playing a sorcerer build. Thomas Hughes has hammered THPS 1 + 2, and 100% all levels in a sitting, saying “it’s very, very good”. So good, in fact, that he gave it a whopping 10/10.

Jim recently got back into For Honor again for the umpteenth time following the recent combat design overhaul. “It’s still my favourite fighting game and each time I go back, I like to dabble with a new fighter. So, I’ve been lopping off heads with The Highlander and his sword-handed claymore.” Marvel’s Avengers also went live earlier this week so he’s been pouring some time into that too, saying “I’ve settled on juggling the campaign with some multiplayer missions. It’s fun but those who are suffering from live service fatigue will have to grit their teeth if they want to play as their favourite Marvel superheroes.”

Nick P got the platinum on Ghost of Tsushima which is his GOTY, so far. It’s not all been about Samurai though, as he tells us “I’ve started Captain Tsubasa which is insanely fun and a lot more difficult than i expected. I’ve also started Marvel’s Avengers but I’m not far into it so the jury is out, for now.”

Jason has been playing some Rocket League, some Divinity: Original Sin 2, and some Avengers. “Rocket League is still an immense amount of fun, even if some elements of the community should take it less seriously. I’m mostly playing Divinity to scratch my Baldur’s Gate 3 itch, which doctors say is currently incurable. Avengers is a game.”

Gareth spent the last week continuing Pathfinder Kingmaker for review. Other than that, he played a bit of Beat Saber, some SoulCalibur 5, tried Street Fighter 5, and then lamented that the fighting game genre hasn’t progressed in two decades. I would argue that it has regressed, at least in those two franchises.

Inexplicably, Tuffcub has played Destiny 2. He did apologise but I don’t believe him, so we’ll move on to Nic B, who when he isn’t sucking at Fall Guys, has playing Magic the Gathering. “When I’m not doing that, I’m watching Brooklyn Nine Nine. Working my way through the box set with my girlfriend, who is the biggest Amy Santiago. It’s great!”

Ade and his lady friend are still on with EDF 5, saying that “shooting giant bugs is surprisingly relaxing”. He’s also been playing Shing! for review; “it’s good fun and has managed to add a lot of fresh ideas to the beat ’em up genre. I’ve also started On The Incredibles Lego with my son, probably the best Lego game I’ve played yet; it’s surprisingly unshonky!”

Drea has been reliving her childhood by playing Legend of Zelda and Pokémon Shield, saying “it’s much easier than I remember it being.” Steve meanwhile finished Wolfenstein II main story “and what a ride that was. Gonna have a go at the DLC and postgame next. Aside from that I’ve had a week of pretty poor games up for review so you can all look forward to my trying to find the positives out of those.”

Thomas Harrison-Lord playing WRC 9, for which the review went up for recently. “The long stages in New Zealand when using a steering wheel peripheral are a lesson in concentration and persistence.” On the other side of the pond, Miguel has been playing and “LOVING” 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, but he’s also been playing some FF14, a little Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga, a smidgen of Yakuza Zero, aaaaaaaand…Fortnite.

And finally, Tef has also hopped onto the Marvel’s Avengers train. He thinks it’s pretty alright, but that it feels confused as to what it wants to be. There’s a good solid single player adventure here, but it’s forced to live inside a live service game that riffs off Destiny and Anthem a bit too much. Aside from that, there was some Dirt 5 Playgrounds, which he’ll talk about in future, and some other things that he can’t quite remember a moment.

But maybe you can remember what you’ve been playing? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I have been playing PGA Tour 2K21 and not that far off from the Platinum., just need to get really, really good on Legend Difficulty (shoot Par or Better)
    Played ALOT of Marvel’s Avengers and loving it!
    Completed the campaign and will be doing various missions to get better gear and level my Power Hero. Going to place as the Hulk as I am enjoying smashing everything in my path xD
    Today arrived Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater ans the Deck is looking SIC! (Cool kids around 30s can still say that? Or was it RAD back in the 90s) my weekend is sorted with Tony Hawks and Avengers. Golf will have to wait as it will require alot of practice.

  2. A fair bit of Horizon Zero Dawn. Liking it so far despite the facial animation being a bit off-putting when talking to people, and the map being a bit identikit, at least as far as I’ve gotten.

    Picked up Prey and Ratchet and Clank too, just to make my backlog that bit bigger…

  3. Plenty of RDR2 again.

    And a selection of little indie games that were on sale for a couple of quid.

    Then with this week’s PS Now and PS+ updates, erm, not much extra there, really. Observation on PS Now is a fun little distraction though. Nice mix of 2001 and various other more obscure sci-fi things, which I won’t name in case anyone wants to pay attention to my recommendation and not have things spoiled.

    Also, Spellbreak. Because we need more F2P Battle Royale games. But with magic. Which is fun. Helps that I won the very first game I played.

    More than I thought I’d played this week, with the long weekend of not playing much. Which somehow didn’t feel like a bank holiday weekend, because 2020. Did get to see Tenet on a nice big Imax screen with very few people. Fun film, even if the physicist in me wants to have words with everyone involved. Loud, shouty words about how physics works. If you can see it safely, do so and enjoy it. But don’t think about it too much afterwards. He knows how to make a fun film that looks impressive, but I think his brother is better at plots that actually make sense.

    • I’ve been playing a mixture of Spyro Reignited and Pic a Pix Classic – the latter was cheap and cheerful.
      I always read the comments, I have to confess to being a big fanboy of MrYd – can he be given his own section on the site?!

      • FFS! Don’t encourage him!

        Oh, wait. That’s me you’re talking about. Still probably not a good idea to encourage me.

        Unless… You didn’t mean give me my own section where I can be safely contained and ramble away to myself, did you?

      • Haha, nope I meant a section of the site, not being sectioned! Have you considered a merchandise line?

      • I hadn’t, but that sounds like a good idea. How much would people be willing to pay for a decorative teapot? T-shirts in any size other than the useful ones? Horse armour? Or a CD of me playing an EmMaj9 chord once on a guitar through 9 separate delay effects and just leaving it for an hour?

        And if anyone knows what that guitar chord is, then well done. Aren’t you clever?

  4. Not much. Still waiting on new maps for Skater XL. Jumped on Animal Crossing to collect the September bugs/fish and see my island’s new Autumn orangey glow. Pre-ordered Mario 3D Allstars and Pikmin 3 Deluxe.

  5. My family and I grabbed a few nights away in Devon this week. We had two wonderful hours in the hot sun, jumping waves and throwing up sandcastles. Then we had two wonderful days in the driving rain, eating soggy fish and chips and riding on steam trains. All things considered it was great to get away and I feel like I’ve topped up my Britishness enough to last until next summer. Not much gaming so far this week so I’m playing Fall Guys now!

  6. The usual these days for me: some more Fall Guys, some more of this really cute co-op game I can hardly remember the name of, Lovers of a Space-Time Continuum (or something like it), I highly recommend that one for co-op.
    And TLOU2. While I had thought I played quite a bit of TLOU2, I think I’m still nowhere, it starts to feel like a really long game to me, but not in a bad way (just yet). But the fights (well, I hardly ever manage to sneak through areas undetected) are excellent (and tough) indeed.
    Oh, and Heavy Rain was still totally broken, and not running, just stuttering frame by frame, even after the latest FW update improving stability. Deleted it, am reinstalling. I still got it on PS3, so might resort to that, if it still won’t run. But I’m shocked how such a big budget title can just not run at all, I’ve never ever had that happening to me before.

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