What We Played #467 – Marvel’s Avengers, Fuser & Surgeon Simulator 2

Another working week in the bag, and for us at TSA that’s meant covering the bonanza of the Xbox Series S leak, confirmation, trailer, pricing, release date, spec comparison, and a little bit of silliness with photoshop.

And yet, amidst all of that nonsense, we’ve also managed to find just a smidgeon of time for gaming. I’ve been playing a little bit of Surgeon Simulator 2 with Miguel and Tom – we’re slowly working our way up to a review – dabbled with the single player of Marvel’s Avengers, which is pretty decent, and enjoyed my first look at the overhauled endurance racing of Ride 4.

Dom has had a busy week waiting for Madden 21 updates so he can review it in a not-quite-as-broken form, playing Super Bomberman R Online on Stadia, and previewing the exciting Fuser from Harmonix and co-op dino shooter Second Extinction.

It’s been a return to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for Nic, as he hopes to hunt all the monsters someday, while Jim has been keeping up with Avengers since launch – “It’s still fun if very repetitive” – and got back into Final Fantasy VI with a fresh play on iOS.

Aran has been plugging away at Final Fantasy VII Remake, getting up to Chapter 9 so far and thoroughly enjoying it, while Steve is clearing the Wolfenstein II DLC so he can reclaim the space on his hard drive.

Steve has also been playing more BPM for review. It’s “the most ridiculously difficult game I have ever played. In about 70 runs I have beaten the first level four times, and the second once (and that was only when playing with the rhythm mechanic switched off, defeating the point of the game really).”

Jason has been playing more Rocket League, more Heroes of Hammerwatch, and swearing up a storm while playing Golf With Your Friends Soon-to-be-Enemies.

And a trio of reviews have been on Ade’s plate, who thoroughly enjoyed the inventiveness of beat ’em up Shing!, the bewitching Metroidvania Minoria, and Tamarin, “a game about a cute fluffy little uzi totting monkey.”

Tuffcub has played Destiny 2.

Now then, what haveyou been playing the last week?

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  1. Finished my Skater XL part for this team video in North Carolina. But I’m bored of waiting for new maps, so picked up Tony Hawk remaster for a bargain. Although it was posted on Monday and still hasn’t arrived yet. Better hurry up. Mario Allstars arrives next Friday.

  2. Lots more Flight Sim for me this week, mainly doing short haul in the A320. This weekend I’m planning to try out a few of the Bush Trips which I’m looking forward to!

  3. Just a little bit of Fall Guys for me, does it annoy anyone else that most of the helicopters spin the wrong way? I’m not sure I’ll be getting around to Death Stranding as Squadrons is on the horizon, maybe I’ll play it on the PS5 over the winter. Talking of which, it’s a shame the rumour mill got it so wrong this week, I was getting quite excited.

    • You know, PS5 is the first console I’ve not been too fussed about at launch. I’ve nothing against it, it’s just I’ve got such a backlog that will keep me busy and happy, I figure I might as well wait until PS5 has been out a while, there’s more stock availability and probably a lower price.

      • This is the first console I’ve been able to buy at launch but I’m starting to flip flop between excitement and feeling not fussed too. Saving the money over the winter has always seemed the more sensible option, sensible and boring, but maybe the better choice with backlog outweighing new releases.

  4. A bit of a random week. Apart from some RDR2, obviously.

    Did a bit more of Death Stranding, which is taking me forever to get through. Not because it’s bad, because it isn’t. It just seems to want me to play a chapter and then leave it for a few days. It’s kind of brilliant and also stupidly annoying at times.

    Then a bunch of PS Now things. Dead Cells has me addicted, somehow. And then WRC8, because having it on PS Now is cheaper than buying the newer game. Seems to have the right handling for me compared to other similar games. But why does the bloke giving instructions seem to have escaped from the BBC in 1950s? It may have caused a mishap or two when he gives a long, posh string of directions and then seems to say “f-finish”. I am, of course, easily amused.

    And some fun with Spellbreak, which is an interesting take on the battle royale thing. Mainly because it doesn’t rely so much on accurate shooting. You can just lob fireballs and things at people while running around madly. And combining spells to create a firenado (the second best sort of tornado, after a sharknado, obviously) is extra fun. Still keep winning as much as losing, which helps. And at one point I plummeted towards the ground at the start of a match. And missed. Which is embarassing. But got me a trophy. So, yeah, that was fun.

    There may have been some Destiny 2 for some reason. Which I hadn’t played for ages. Before they take it all away and leave nothing other than the option to buy more DLC.

    • I take your point that a firenado is cool, but are sharknados and firenados actually the best? I mean (bearing in mind, I’ve probably thought about this simultaneously too long and not long enough), I can’t help but feel haribonados or ginnados would be pretty good?!

      • Firenados are a real thing. Sort of. Seems to be some debate if they count as actual tornados or just a terrifying spinning thing full of fire.

        Sharknados are clearly a thing to. I’ve seen several documentaries. They must be documentaries, because nobody could make that shit up. So many famous people lost to the horrors of sharknados.

        The alternatives you give have clearly never happened. And while the idea of a haribonado might sound like fun, it wouldn’t be practical if you were thinking of grabbing some of the sweet treats contained within. You’d probably have your eye out. Or lose an arm.

        So sharknados are top of the tornado list, closely followed by firenados.

  5. I got the platinum for Spyro 1 and decided to move straight on to Spyro 2. Spyro learnt to swim and I immediately felt it seemed a bit farfetched that a dragon would be able to swim, before realising that I was playing as a talking purple and orange dinosaur that has a dragonfly as his best friend, which automatically makes it fully in the realms of fiction to begin with!

  6. Besides working too much, I played some more TLOU2, and some more of this Lovers Spacetime whatever game I cannot remember the name of, which is excellent fun in co-op with the kids, we love it!

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