Marvel’s Avengers War Table confirms weekly reset, upcoming patch

A new War Table update for Marvel’s Avengers has detailed the latest weekly reset while also teasing the game’s “biggest patch yet”.

Those playing the multiplayer action title will notice that missions, challenges, and marketplace items will rotate on a regular basis.


As part of the Avengers weekly reset there are new Priority Missions and Priority HARM Challenges which can be completed to unlock epic gear and other bonuses. We’ve listed the new missions below, alongside the new items added to the in-game marketplace.

In the meantime, Avengers players may be wondering when the next big update will arrive. Developer Crystal Dynamics confirmed that it’s currently in the pipeline, stating “V1.3.0 – our biggest patch yet – will be dropping soon. We will update this section as soon as it is live!”.

You can read more about Marvel’s Avengers in our day one review of the game. As promised, here’s the latest weekly reset details.

Marvel’s Avengers Weekly Reset September 17


Desert Vault (Low Power Level)


  • Famine: Enemies do not drop Regen Packs when defeated
  • Outbreak: Toxic hazards are added to the environment. Gamma damage from enemies and the environment are increased
  • Collider: Particle damage from players is increased

Guaranteed Reward: Polychoron & Hero-Specific Gear

Tundra Vault (High Power Level)


  • Turmoil: Significantly increased presence of Riotbots.
  • Resurgence: Enemy health regenerates after a short delay
  • Clash: Melee damage from any source is greatly increased
  • Snowball: Cryo damage from players is increased

Guaranteed Reward: Epic Gear


Weekly First Completion Reward: 2010’s Black Widow #5 (0.5% Status Resistance)

Low Power Level Challenge


  • Oasis: Regen Packs have increased Willpower benefit.
  • Torpedo: Projectile damage from any source is greatly increased

High Power Level Challenge


  • Famine: Enemies do not drop Regen Packs when defeated
  • Clash: Melee damage from any source is greatly increased
  • Cosmos: Cosmic damage from players is increased


We’ve got some flashy additions to the store this week, including Iron Man’s legendary Fireworks Emote, Hulk’s Epic “Breakups Really Hurt” Takedown, and Thor’s Epic Rock Star outfit. Zebra print and fur boots? Sign us up!

The Marketplace is a place for us to feature purchasable cosmetics in the form of Outfits, Emotes, Takedowns, and Nameplates. The Marketplace’s Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary items rotate weekly, and can be purchased with Credits.

Source: Marvel’s Avengers

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