A short Bithell announces A Bithell Short: The Solitaire Conspiracy

The below average height* indie game darling, Mike Bithell, has announced the latest game in his Bithell Shorts series.

“As longtime players of our nonsense will know, we tend to mix things up between our larger projects with ‘Shorts’, more experimental games that explore side ideas or genres that we don’t get to play with in the likes of Volume or John Wick,” said Mike on Twitter.


“So… what if Solitaire, but extra, with powers and a full FMV storied campaign, time attack and skirmish modes!” he adds, describing his new game, The Solitaire Conspiracy.

The game finds you playing as Jim Ratio (Greg Miller), one of the surviving members of Protego, the world’s leading spy agency, which has recently been destroyed. By playing a tactical version of Solitaire and utilise the special powers each crew has you must reform the agency,

Once you’ve taken back control of Protego you can play two extra modes, Skirmish which is an infinite mode, or Countdown, “a survival mode that will test your grasp of the game’s surprising tactical depths.”

Here are those ever so important key features.

Key Features:

  • Three modes make this the biggest Bithell Short yet! Campaign tells a tightly packed story and introduces the game’s mechanics. Countdown tests your endurance with wave after wave of unique decks, and Skirmish gives you an infinite playground to enjoy unlocked crews.
  • Beautiful original character artwork and atmospheric design put you at the heart of your own cyberpunk conspiracy.
  • No heightened game of Solitaire would be complete without full FMV cutscenes, featuring Greg Miller and Inel Tomlinson in an original story from the team behind Thomas Was Alone, Volume, Subsurface Circular and John Wick Hex.
  • The soundtrack for your adventures is provided by Jon Everist (Battletech, Shadowrun: Hong Kong, Shadowrun: Dragonfall).

The game is only scheduled for Steam and the Epic Games Store at the moment but when asked if it could come to other platforms Mike said “bluntly and honestly, it depends on how it does here.”

The Solitaire Conspiracy. launches on 6th October, you can Steam Wish List it here or do the same on the Epic Games Store.

Source: Twitter / Steam

*Writers opinion based on the one time he ran in to Mike at a PlayStation event and gushed about Thomas Was Alone. Please note writer is 6’5″ and therefore everyone is short to him. 

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