For Honor – how to play against bots

Whether you’re returning to For Honor after a long break or have only just purchased a copy of Ubisoft’s fighting game, queuing for that first match can be daunting. Although For Honor attempts to match you with other players of a similar skill rating, there’s always a chance you’ll get pitted against someone waiting to eviscerate you.

In truth, that’s the best way to learn or relearn how this unique duelling game works though you might want to cut your teeth by playing against some bots first. There are a few ways to do this – not all of them are clear, and one method requires the Marching Fire expansion.

With For Honor Year 4 Season 3 having just gone live, here’s how to get some practice in against those CPUs!


The first place you should go if you’re looking to hone your fighting skills is the training section of the main menu. Since launch, Ubisoft have greatly improved the learning tools and tutorials in For Honor with a straight up practice arena as well as the “Hero Tactics” mode which gives you a crash course on any selected hero.


The story-driven campaign is an often overlooked chunk of the core For Honor package. Due to how the combat is designed, it’s not exactly a great fit for these longer missions in which you fight a mix of grunts, leaders, and boss characters.

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Still, there’s some value to playing the campaign. After every few missions it cycles in a new hero for you to try, each with their own movesets and playstyles. This mode will also familiarise you with the game’s setting and lore.


In For Honor you can play against bots in any of the multiplayer game modes. This is a great opportunity to learn the flow of team-based matches such as Tribute, Dominion, and Breach, without the pressure of going up against real life opponents.

When selecting a game type, you have the option to toggle between the “Player vs. Player” and “Player vs. AI” matchmaking queues. You may not want to play with any other human players at all and there’s a hidden way of doing this. Switching to “Player vs. AI” then tap Square/X to pop open a parameters menu where you can disable matchmaking. Viola!


For those who have purchased the For Honor complete edition or Marching Fire expansion, there’s another great way of testing your might against bots. Either solo or with a friend you can enter the Arcade gauntlet.

This clever extension to the core game presents you with a small series of back-to-back battles. These fights are constantly changing with new opponents and match conditions each time to keep Arcade feeling fresh. You’ll go up against solo enemies, pairs, and trios, with buffs and debuffs (such as bleed effect, unblockable attacks etc.) adding a little twist to each encounter.

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to getting some practice in against AI fighters. Once you’ve built a mass grave of bots then it’s time to cross swords with For Honor players across the world.

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