Naughty Dog rebrands The Last of Us ‘Outbreak Day’ celebrations for the very obvious reason

Given the pandemic that continues to afflicting our planet, Naughty Dog have decided that it’s necessary to rebrand the fan celebrations for The Last of Us that are traditionally held on 26th September each year. What was previously known as ‘Outbreak Day’ will now be ‘The Last of Us Day’.


Many fan celebrations pick the date they are held on from the game universe and lore in some way. So Mass Effect’s day is on 7th November in reference to the N7 rank of Commander Shepherd, Star Wars is on 4th May because it’s a bit of a soundalike for “May the Force”, and Bungie Day is on 7th July because that studio has traditionally been obsessed with the number 7.

Outbreak Day has been held for the last seven years on 26th September because of the canonical day on with the Cordyceps infection reached the tipping point and led to the downfall of modern civilisation. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic continuing the spread throughout the world, and seemingly making a comeback in Europe as we head into autumn, Naughty Dog have decided that continuing to call it Outbreak Day doesn’t really sit right. So, The Last of Us Day it is, but it’s still attached to the emblematic date.

Naughty Dog also tease that they have “exciting things” planned for the date. We’ll keep an eye out on Saturday to let you know what they are.

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