This is what’s inside a Fall Guy and it’s… Oh dear…

Fall Guys has been the cute and cuddly hit of the summer, but now that summer is behind us and the spectre of Halloween looms in autumn, Mediatonic have revealed the true horrors of what lies beneath that Mr. Blobby-esque exterior.


Surely just a joke, right? Right? Well, those canny social media types running the Fall Guys account have decided to put it in the hands of the public which, as we all know, is how totally brilliant things like Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidency happen. While the poll is ongoing, can you guess which of the three options given to you is currently winning?

Yeah, it’s totally number 3. This also officially means that an un-costumed Fall Guy is actually naked.

Anyway, Season 2 is expected to start sometime in October with Mediatonic revealing at Gamescom 2020 a set of new levels and a cutesy medieval theme. Before we got to that, though, the team brought a major mid-season update last week that they dubbed Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheetus. That added Easy Anti-Cheat software to try and crack down on cheaters in the game, while also spicing up the action with the randomly spawning Big Yeetus spinny hammer and some light remixes to existing stages.

Following on from Big Yeetus is going to be a big task, but they’ve already teased his “new friend”. Some community suggestions for this include Thicc Bonkus and Mince Meetus

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  1. Truly terrifying, but I still want the backstory. Why is the mouth inside the head, how does it eat/poop, what is the rest of it made of? We need to know otherwise the horror will fester!

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