Kirby Fighters 2 is out now on Nintendo Switch for all you Smash Bros. Kirby players

Nintendo have announced and released Kirby Fighter 2 for Nintendo Switch, a full sequel for one third of Kirby: Triple Deluxe on Nintendo 3DS. The game is available now for £17.99.


The game is, to be as reductive as possible, Super Smash Bros. but everyone is Kirby all the time. It’s all about 4 player battles, putting Kirby’s main power to absorb and copy abilities to the fore. The main difference to Smash is that you don’t have knock people out of the area, just reduce their health to zero.

There’s seventeen abilities, from Sword, Ninja and Beam, through to Bell, Yo-Yo, Artist and more. The newest copy ability is Wrestler. Other characters like Gooey, Bandana Waddle Dee, Magolor, Meta Knight and King Dedede also make their appearance.

The main game is battle mode, where you can fight solo or as a team, across a wide range of stages new and old. There will be environmental effects as well as items to pick up. Up to four players can play with split Joy-Con, there’s also local multiplayer and online play.

There’s also a Story Mode, where you can team up through a series of battles to reach and defeat King Dedede and Meta Knight at the top of the tower, picking up boosters between floors. Single-Handed mode is a solo battle mode to take on 9 increasingly difficult battles.

We reviewed the original Kirby Fighters as part of Kirby Triple Deluxe, back in 2014. As part of that bundle, Dan said at the time that “It’s a fun distraction but its longevity is questionable. I played through it once and have no desire to play it again.” Though this was likely hampered by being on 3DS and alongside other game modes.

Hopefully a standalone release and the way that the Switch engenders multiplayer and co-op can make it a bit more engaging this time around?

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