Nioh 2 Darkness in the Capital coming October, patch 1.15 out now

Team Ninja has confirmed that the next DLC expansion for Nioh 2 is coming on October 15th, and it is titled Darkness in the Capital. This second expansion will take players to Kyoto City with a bit of time travel involved taking them to the Heian Period, where Yokai are tormenting the ancient city. In this time period the player will team up with legendary heroes to turn the tide in the war against the Yokai. This new expansion will add new bosses, new Yokai, new Guardian spirits, new skills, and new cores. In addition, to the reveal of Darkness in the Capital, Team Ninja released update 1.15 and you can see the patch notes below.

  • Fixed an issue where a particular procedure caused the screen to freeze and become unresponsive when 10 different set bonuses were equipped.
  • Fixed an issue Where the “Filter” function sometimes caused an application error.
  • Fixed an issue in Dream of the Strong, where equipment with a particular special effect would appear in the
    “Kexiama’s Bazar’ at a higher than intended rate.
  • Fixed an issue in the Picture Scroll missions Where the Nue Sometimes fell off the Stage.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented some equipment from being restored in the 1.14 fix which addressed the loss
    of information from Smithing Texts handed to the Blacksmith.

In our review for Nioh 2, Jason wrote:

Nioh 2 builds on the excellence of the original with a fistful of new twists and ideas, from new Yokai abilities to full-on co-op through the entire game. Nioh 2 might well be the best Soulslike that isn’t a FromSoftware game, and it’s easily one of my personal contenders for Game of the Year.
You can read the full Nioh 2 review here.
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