PS5 pre-orders UK – Game, Very, Argos, Amazon & Smyths all out of stock

PlayStation 5 pre-orders are back today and we now believe this is the promised restock from Sony. Amazon has already gone, Game is expected this morning, and Currys has established a queuing system. All with just as little advance warning as the first time round. Cool.

We will do our best to keep tabs on things, but expect this to be relatively low in numbers and disappear very quickly. We also have very little information over who will have a fresh supply of pre-orders, so we’ve collected links to as many product pages as possible and we’ll add notes and check periodically.

Update 1:30PM – Game stock looks to now be depleted. Smyths Toys, Currys, Very, Amazon and Argos are also confirmed OOS. It’s looking unlikely that further retailers will have any stock today, but we’ll see.

PS5 Pre-Orders UK – Out Of Stock

Retailers without restock

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It comes after the somewhat chaotic state of PS5 pre-orders last week, with Sony’s announcement stream promising that pre-orders would get started the following day, only for retailers to jump the gun and all going at various times with little to no warning. Not quite what Sony had previously promised.

Game was one of the guilty parties, and their website struggled under the pressure – guest checkouts were available, but signing in was broken as anything. They fared little better with the Xbox Series X|S pre-orders on Tuesday, with a queue established for people to sign in, but others able to simply checkout as a guest once more. Then there were troubles with the Klarna financing for Xbox All Access purchases, and they took the site down for half the day to fix their stuff. Oh, and to cap it all off, the company has now decided that all pre-orders will have a £10 delivery fee.

Sony promised that more stock would be forthcoming in the weeks leading up to the 19th November launch in the UK, but a highly anticipated bit of tech like PS5 is going to get more than a few people jumping on a pre-order and then cancelling when they’ve changed their minds, perhaps even getting multiple orders in.

The PlayStation 5 is coming out in November, heading first to the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea on 12th November, before arriving in the UK and Europe on 19th November. It costs £449.99 for the version with a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive and £359.99 for the digital edition, though Sony have been producing far fewer digital consoles than full fat ones, it seems.

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