What We Played #468 – Untitled Goose Game, Marvel’s Avengers & Serious Sam 4

It’s been another week of next-gen consoles pre-orders, with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on Tuesday, and then a fresh wave of (barely sign-posted) pre-orders this morning for the PlayStation 5, but we already asked the question last week as to what you were all going to buy, so it’s back to business as usual for this week’s What We Played.

For me, it’s been a week of dabbling. A little bit of Ring Fit Adventure as the weather has turned and kept me from wanting to go out walking, some Serious Sam 4, and more Surgeon Simulator 2 for a long overdue review. Perhaps it’ll be a weekend special!

But what about the rest of the team?

“I’m still grabbing Mjölnir every now and then” Jim said, and before you read too much into that, it was “to play some Avengers.” He’s been levelling up Thor so that he’s ready for the endgame content, but has also found time to go back to Dead By Daylight, gearing up for a 2020 review to catch up on the game’s years of updates.

It’s been Tennis World Tour 2 for Aran, who’s been slapping away balls left, right and centre to get you our review, while Tuffcub’s got out something big floppy and purple to batter his way through Saints Row The Third Remastered. He’s also got in his usual Destiny 2 and been playing with Cubase for a new rave anthem, ‘Hands Face Space Bass’. Look out for that one to top the charts!

Jason’s been playing Rocket League and Dark Souls 3, while it was a Switch-heavy week for Reuben, playing the excellent Hades and Super Mario 3D All Stars, which saw him “reminding myself that Mario 64 is not without its problems.”

Steve got going with the “utterly brutal and bleak” The Last of Us Part 2, but hasn’t made much progress as the kids are already off school with persistent coughs – hurrah for 2020! Needing something a bit more… immediate, he reviewed Serious Sam 4, which is the game’s polar opposite, as well as playing Darksiders: Genesis, reviewing The Girl of Glass, and testing his new GPU to see how shiny things can now be made.

It’s been Monster Hunter World for Nic, but he complimented that with Spinch, Magic The Gathering: Arena’s new expansion and Untitled Goose Game, now with added co-op.

Meanwhile, the other Nick (the one with a ‘k’) turned up with a big list of games. “Firstly, I’ve playing Worm Jazz and RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 for review. You’ll have to read those to find out what I thought. I’ve also been playing a ton of Avengers which I’m quite enjoying despite being a little buggy, Disco Elysium, Captain Tsubasa, WWE Battleground, Tony Hawks, CoD and I started TLOU2. Too many games, not enough time!”

Ade kept it simple, by comparison. He grabbed Shadow of the Tomb Raider and said, “It’s brutal. Lara murders so many people. She’s an absolute stone cold killer!” Dom meanwhile has had a great week of Oculus Quest-ing, putting FitXR through its paces while getting distracted by Beat Saber and the Linkin Park update. He also loved playing some more Ori and the Will of the Wisps on Switch and snuck in a spot of Hyrule Warriors too.

And finally, Gamoc has been playing Port Royale 4 for review, checkout Minecraft VR, and played some Pistol Whip, “which is an dubstep filled combination of Beat Saber, Superhot, and John Wick.”

Now then, what have you been playing?

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  1. I decided that since i had already played 75% of Bloodborne, beginning a new game would no doubt be a doddle – and promptly had my ass handed to me numerous times in the first few hours! Entirely my own fault, greedily trying to gather as many souls as possible instead of high-tailing it back to level up with what i had.

    I was also going to check out Minecraft VR on my day off but the new NMS Origins update released same day so that took priority, planets look much more alien now and exploring feels fresh again!

    • Did you finish Bloodborne? Are you on NG+? Or you just restarted?
      I still got to finish it, and was surprised that I always got quite instant help by somebody online, helping out against the nasty bosses…!

      • Brand new game, new character. I haven’t been tempted to renew my ps+ for a year now so i’m plugging away solo.

  2. Just a little more HZD. Although according to the stats I’ve spent well over a day playing it and still only 20% complete :/

  3. Mario 64. Not played it since it came out in ’96! Currently on 92 stars, so just 28 to go…

  4. Plenty of NMS with the Oranges update. It’s just made exploring new planets even more fun. Found a gorgeous planet with 2 suns, grass that glows at night and bubbles. And another with massive mountains and a tendency to have everything burst into flames. Still no massive worms though.

    And some Minecraft in VR. Which just works perfectly. Quite cute that you can play it on a TV in a little VR living room and then press a button and you zoom in and you’re right inside Minecraft. Not so cute when you’re digging down and accidentally dig into a cavern below and plummet. That’s a good test of your VR legs.

    Was there some other stuff? All my recent usual suspects, especially RDR2.

    • Oh, and The Division 2 now has the big 100 floor tower. Which is fun to fight your way up. Even if clearly borrowed from a couple of films. (The Raid and Dredd. Which are good things to borrow from, I guess)

  5. Haven’t posted on this in a while!!!!
    Been very very busy with gaming and being back to work. Been trying to get as many Platinums (currently at 485) as I want to try get to 499 before nabbing 500th Plat on PS5 xD
    Marvel’s Avengers had a patch yesterday and I finally got my glitched Trophies so the Platinum will be tonight if not tomorrow ^^
    Played alot of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and only two trophies left. But the Got There Trophy (Complete All “Hard” Get-Theres.) is proving to be a bitch lol…. only 4 levels to do as I have done 15 can be very frustrating.
    Even more frustrating I remembered I had Sound Shapes downloaded probably from PS Plus whenever that was (years ago) got the Plat on the Vita but man those Death Mode is annoying. Then it got worse!!! Tried to cloud synch the trophies thing for the PS3/4 to get easy Platinums…. turns out they stopped last year! Had to play it all again on PS3 and 4. Fun times!
    PGA Tour 2K21 struggling to obtain True Legend for another Platinum to be added but hopefully very soon!
    Still grinding away on Skater XL my god I surely must have travelled over 40.075km by now!!!
    And lastly bought Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go for the Vita as I missed my Vita lol

    Wow I should write a book or something xD happy Gaming Weekend and stay safe folks!

  6. More Spyro 2 and Pic a Pix Classic, which is good but the small squares do start to give me a headache after a while. Spyro can climb now and headbash. I’ve not progressed as far as I’d like but I’ve not had as much time as I’d like either. I’m clearly getting old! (I’m the wrong side of 45 and work insist that I actually do work if I want to get paid! XD)

  7. I continued my journey through TLOU2, and now started to make real progress, as I gave up playing it on survivor, which started to test my patience. The fights were excellent, but story progression suffered too much, so I’m continuing now on normal, which feels a little easy. The game is great, and the story makes a lot of sense so far.
    After reinstalling Heavy Rain, it actually runs on my PS4 without stuttering. At first I found it terribly overrated and quite a chore, having to do lots of irrelevant activities. Then it got slightly better. I’ll give it another go, but it hasn’t aged that well, I think, I currently doubt I’ll make it through the game.
    Apart from that, some of the usual Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime something with the kids, and some Fall Guys.

    • My wife and I just played through Erica, it was brilliantly done! I’m looking forward to playing it again, as with all point-and-click style games I feel utterly clueless but I’m along for the ride. Great tension throughout and although we escaped I feel like we didn’t achieve much I know what we could aim for.
      I also reached level 40 on Fall Guys, the 30s felt like a grind and I feel totally done with the game now, which is just as well as I’ll never win 5 episodes in a row so I’m totally over the idea of getting the platinum!

      • Not sure you wanted to reply to me, but I’m happy to hear you liked Erica..! I’ve played through it three times by now and watched my partner play it without interfering. It’s so well done, I’m currently on the lookout for similar ‘games’, or interactive movies. It’s one of those gems that make Plus worth it for me, as I would’ve missed it otherwise.

      • I didn’t mean to sorry, seems like my comments always reply to the whatever was past posted, but I’m also glad that you’re glad that I liked Erica! I haven’t tried it yet but The Late Shift looks pretty similar, there’s also the Black Mirror interactive episode Bandersnatch which is great, but not quite as good as the best Black Mirror has to offer.

      • :-)
        Yeah, I’ve just populated my wishlist with entries like The Suicide of Rachel Carter, Telling Lies, The Complex, and Late Shift. You’ll read here if I tried any of these.

      • Late Shift is quite fun, and I should get around to The Complex at some point. Those 2 are available as a bundle if you want to save a whole £1.79 by buying them together.

        And I’d highly recommend The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker. A bit different, in that you’re really just asking questions for several hours while trying to work out what’s going on and maybe solving a murder. It’s even got random bits of quantum physics thrown in at one point. (Nothing too complicated)

      • Ok, thanks, sounds promising with regard to Late Shift.
        Somehow Doctor Dekker has already made it onto my wishlist, although I can’t quite remember how.

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