Bungie detail Beyond Light’s tech improvements but you will have to download the entire game again

Bungie have explained some of the new technical improvements that will be coming in the forthcoming expansion, Beyond Light. When that launches on November 10th a fair chunk of content will be vaulted including Strikes, Raids, and entire planets including Mars and Mercury, and to facility the huge change you are going to have to redownload the entire game again.

“We know this will be painful for those with slower or metered internet connections, and we’re sorry about that. To help mitigate this, we’re planning to enable Beyond Light preloads sometime in the evening of November 9, Pacific Time, which should give everyone at least 10 hours to download before the gates open,” say Bungie.


The good news is the new version of the game should be 30-40% smaller, clocking in at around 59GB to 71GB depending on the platform you play on. The rebuild of the game also means that Bungie should be bale to patch bugs quicker and also gives them more development time per season.

The game will also be changing to a “Physics Host” rather than a “Mission Host” which means new raids, strikes and other missions can be more complex than they are now. “The Physics Host knows exactly where enemy combatants are and what actions they recently performed – while the Mission Host only knew how many combatants were alive in a squad and what that squad was generally trying to accomplish,” say Bungie. This also means you will be able to meet your Fireteam in the Tower much faster, but they do warn there may be one or two bugs in the old missions that are left in the game after Beyond Light launches.

Bungie will also be serving face by completely reworking how your Guardian’s face is displayed in the game.

We rebuilt our character face system. We know that how your Guardians look is important to you, and we’ve long wanted to add more player customization to Destiny. Our original system for player faces had some combinatoric content authoring problems – for example, every decal had to be authored completely custom for each player face permutation. This prevented us from extending this area of the game with more content and features. We’ve upgraded to a significantly more capable system (with e.g. runtime decal projection), which we hope to leverage for more player customization options in the future. As part of this process we reviewed the existing player models with our Diversity Committee and Employee Resource Groups in the studio to make small tweaks to existing player heads. We’re also building a list of Guardian face shapes we should bring to the game in the future in order to increase Guardian diversity in Destiny, with the long-term goal of enabling everyone to imagine themselves as their Guardian.

Finally, for today at least, Bungie have revealed that as part of Beyond Light they have relit Nessus and the EDZ, both globally and locally, so they will look a little different come November 10th.

Bungie have confirmed that it will be releasing Destiny 2 on PS5 and Xbox Series X. The news came via a Tweet the company posted in reply to the official Xbox account which had listed the developers that would be creating games for the Xbox Series X. They confirmed the game will run in 4K and 60fps on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and that all content you already own will be available for you on the new platforms, you won’t need to buy it again. There will also be cross-generation play, so PS4 players can play against those on PS5.

Bungie have also revealed the next two expansions for the game, The Witch Queen for 2021, and Lightfall for 2022.

Source: Bungie


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