Observer: System Redux gets a new gameplay trailer

Bloober Team have dropped a new trailer for Observer: System Redux as part of the Tokyo Gameshow, with the video showing some gentle gameplay. I say gentle as this is from the start of the game rather than near the end when things get rather more frantic and scary. The gameplay is taken from two of the new quests that have been added to the game, “Errant Signal” and “Her Fearful Symmetry”

The game seems to have captured the cybperpunk aesthetic really well, with neon contrasting with decaying stonework and lots of little visual glitches. “Cyberpunk is a philosophy of change. The pursuit of modification to perfect the frail human form. But is there a limit to technological progress?” said Piotr Babieno, Bloober Team CEO



“Making Observer: System Redux available for next-gen console players has been a huge focus for the team,” continues Piotr. “Now that both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 release dates are out there, we can finally share our release date news. We know next-gen pricing is a major concern for our fans and we feel that releasing all the new content and upgrades in Observer: System Redux at the same cost as the original Observer is a great way to stay close with our community.”

In our review for Observer, I wrote:

If you don’t like ‘walking sims’ then Observer isn’t going to change your mind, even if it does include some rudimentary detective work. However, if you like to be swept away by a story and pulled in to a world where every door has a new experience behind it, then close the curtains, turn off the lights, crank up the surround sound and immerse yourself in this great cyberpunk horror tale.

You can read the full Observer review here.

The game is set to be a day one title for the new consoles launching on November 10th on PC and Xbox Series X, and November 12th for PlayStation 5 at the very attractive price of $29.99 USD or €29.99.

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  1. Great game, highly recommended to anyone who didn’t play it on PS4.

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