Apex Legends cross-play update arrives next week

Apex Legends’ cross-platform multiplayer is arriving next week on 6th October, letting PS4, Xbox One and PC player team up and/or battle it out for supremacy, albeit with some common sense restrictions by default.

Cross-play will be enabled by default, uniting the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One player bases, but keeping PC players and keyboard and mouse separate, unless you party up with them. If there’s a PC player in a party, you will then enter the PC matchmaking queue.

If you wish, you can disable cross-play altogether, forcing the game only to matchmake with those on the same platform who have also disabled cross-play. This could lead to longer matchmaking because of this, and honestly shouldn’t be necessary, unless you’re a PS4 player who really, really dislikes Xbox.

To let people party up, the game will now have a built-in cross-network friends system, where you can search for people within the Apex Legends playerbase. You’ll need to use this for cross-network parties, but if you’re just playing with your regular chums on the same platform you can obviously use your console’s friends system instead.

This isn’t cross-progression, but Respawn seem to be working on that…

It’s all coming alongside the Aftermarket in-game event, a Collection Event that’s all about snagging limited time cosmetics.

Not only that, but Respawn have cooked up a new Flash Point limited time mode. Flash Points are dotted around the arena and regenerate your health and shields over time, which sounds great until you realise that they’re going to be prime targets for ambushes and third partying.

The mode will have the circle in Always Be Closing mode, closing and never stopping with one of the Flash points at the centre. The final fight is bound to be pretty tense.

Source: Respawn

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