What We Played #469 – Genshin Impact, Among Us & Star Wars Squadrons

A busy week in the bag, and we’re seven days closer to the arrival of the Xbox Series X|S and the PS5. It’s hard to ignore the next generation on the horizon, but there’s still a bevy of games to come for those consoles we’ve come to love in the past few years. I got to play Star Wars Squadrons this week, and it sets out its stall as a Star Wars simulator in emphatic style. I’ll be popping a score on it after a weekend of blowing the Empire (or the Rebellion) right out of the sky. I’ve also made another start on Genshin Impact, and think it’s one of the best free-to-play games I’ve encountered.

Aran finished Final Fantasy VII Remake this week and has really enjoyed it, telling us he can’t wait for the next parts. He’s also played Genshin Impact :”which has really dug its claws in. It looks great and it’s mad that it is free”. He finally played some Among Us too, saying “I really need to work on my persuasion skills…”

Gareth has been playing Port Royale 4 and Going Under for review. Outside of those, he’s played some Minecraft VR, saying “it’s pretty great.” He also tried the “promising” Genshin Impact out and said that Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, and Iron Man VR are all awesome.

Nic B is yet to play anything that isn’t MTG Arena this week, but he’s looking forward to playing some Genshin Impact this weekend though having heard good things. Reuben meanwhile has continued his playthrough of Spider-Man, saying that he’s “reaching the end of it now and really kicking myself I didn’t get on this sooner. Otherwise I’ve been grabbing more Stars in Super Mario Galaxy (best thing on the 3D Stars collection, don’t @ me) and dipping my toes into Genshin Impact, which I’m yet to make up my mind on.”

Steve has had a throwback week as he got Serious with Sam 4 and then was back with the marsupial behaviour with Crash 4: it’s About Time. “In between, I was disappointed with The Walking Dead Onslaught and baffled by Commander ’85. Only managed another hour or so on Last of Us 2 in amongst that and finding it slow going. Oh, and after half an hour on PS4 I decided to download Genshin Impact on PC and that took a whole day…

Thomas Harrison-Lord has been playing Ride 4 and Monster Truck Championship for review, both of which we can talk more about soon. Nick P has been mostly playing Avengers and Call of Duty: Warzone, as per usual. On the side he’s been playing WWE Battlegrounds which is “an utterly terrible, poor excuse for a game. Rush job if I ever saw one!”

Jason Coles has been playing more Hades “because it’s really good and also Dark Souls 3 because it soothes my soul, and Rocket League, where people are either the best or the worst.” Miguel meanwhile has spent this week playing 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim, Genshin Impact, a little Apex Legends and a splash of Street Fighter V.

And finally, Tef has been playing the new Super Mario Bros. 35 battle royale and realising that he’s kind of rubbish at classic Mario, he’s been sleuthing it up in some Among Us sessions, found himself somewhat disappointed by Crysis Remastered on PS4, and dabbling with Microsoft Flight Simulator some more to check out the quirkiest mods and addons that we’ve found.

Now then, what have you been playing this week?

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  1. Got Marvel’s Avengers Platinum on Saturday after the patch fixed the trophies. Just one trophy away from Tony Hawks Platinum which is to grind to Career level 100. Currently at 89.
    Got Lara Croft Go Platinum on the Vita. Next Vita Game will be Hitman Go.
    This weekend is VR gaming Star Wars Squadron and I am LOVING it! Will dabble on Tony Hawks with the footy on in the background lol

  2. Bit more HZD again although I’m being outclassed by some of the bigger beasties at the moment so running away a lot!

    Also spent 2 days downloading Flight Simulator then touring around my local area. As a developer that once toyed with my own flight sim I can appreciate what’s gone into it but also can’t help but be a tad disappointed.

    Apparently my home town and rather rural county is plastered with 4+ storey office blocks when in reality there’s nothing over 3 storeys and the vast majority of them in the sticks should be barns or greenhouses. Also you can easily see where the road data doesn’t line up with the textures so some traffic is on the road, the other side is driving through fields. Had to chuckle at lorries driving back and forth about 50yards between two driveways rather than down the road between them too… that’s the power of the cloud for you! Hopefully it’ll get better in time.

  3. I’ve had a couple of hours with Squadrons, no VR for me but it’s still absolutely wonderful! It bleeds nostalgia, the flying, targeting, shooting, and ship management are all pleasantly familiar as are the graphics and sound, but with 21 years of longing adding a big multiplying factor to the simple joy of jumping in an X-Wing and blowing stuff up. Even the menu beeps when you first start the game are a blast from the past, I feel like W teenager again!!

    • Sounds very good, I’ll definitely get Squadrons at some point.
      Did you see Late Shift is 70% off at the moment?

      • I didn’t, thanks for the tip I’ll add it to the backlog, which stretches back to 2009! And if you liked the old X-Wing games then without a doubt you’ll like Squadrons.

  4. More No Man’s sky, enjoying the new discoveries and views. More Bloodborne, this time faring a little better than previously – doing a lot better with my ‘parries’ and dying less often than last time – opened up a few shortcuts and even managed to return to the Hunters Dream with some blood echoes for leveling up. And in Dreams, i unleashed another oddio-visual experiment on the dreamiverse.

  5. More of both NMS and Minecraft in VR.

    And the Further Adventures of Bob the Horse, obviously.

    But for some reason, Genshin Impact caught my attention. I’d agree it’s one of the best F2P games. It looks good, the map is enormous and there’s a lot of stuff to do. My advice? Just enjoy exploring the huge map. Unlock the teleport points, and the statues. And collect oculi to upgrade those statues (you get more stamina for doing so, which really helps). And kill everything, smash all the rocks you can find, and open a million chests. And cook lots of things. And learn how to level up characters and upgrade weapons (in 2 different ways).

    It’s a ridiculous amount of game for nothing. And seems to keep throwing new stuff at you. Quite good at guiding you towards things to do though. Keep checking for new things on the L1 menu, and on the options menu.

    Yeah, I played too much of it so far. Highly recommended. And you can probably get away without paying for anything. Obviously it’s got both a currency you can buy, or earn, to open lootboxes, plus a battle pass with a free and not-so-free option. (The battle pass only shows up later, which is a bit sneaky)

  6. Got to 116 stars on Mario 64. The 4 remaining stars are all 100 coin missions.

    Started Mario Galaxy now. Had never played it before. On about 85 stars so far.

  7. Not much gaming for me this week, as I was working far too much before my autumn holidays. I wanted to finish up TLOU2 before being away from my consoles for 2 weeks, but I only managed a short gaming session, and that wasn’t enough.

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